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Here are the Main Features of Apache

Updated on July 13, 2021
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The main features of Apache are summarized in the following paragraphs


Apache has two main versions, 1.3 and version 2.0. These version although considered of high quality are dissimilar with regard to capabilities and architecture. Apache 1.3 can be ported in both Unix and window platforms and is the most popular web server in the internet. This version is also the first of its kind to support windows, although the port in Windows is not as stable as that in Unix. Apparently, Apache 2 is an upgrade of version 1.3. There are significant improvements in its architecture over the former version.


The Apache portable runtime library enables the software to operate on both UNIX and Windows. The portable library also abstracts the variation in the different operating systems including network access and file. In most cases, porting Apache to other platforms becomes simple owing to the portable runtime application installed on it. The abstraction layer also offers a platform for optimization and specific turning.


The software offers various security modules that are used in restricting or controlling access to the server.


In Apache, there are also installed authentication modules that facilitates determination of the client identity , mostly through verification of the password, and user name against a database that is at the back end. There are also modules for authenticating database files and plain text. Other authentification modules for Apache are those, which connects it to the existing databases and security frameworks. These include the Oracle, NT Domain controller.

Access Control

Apache offers modules for access that are utilized in restricting access to resources based on the client request parameters. These includes the IP address or specific header or the client’s hostname. The third party modules enable one to restrict access to users who happen to misuse the site.


The transport layer security (TLS) or the secure socket layer enables data between the client and the web server to be encrypted. In Apache, the protocols are implemented through the SSL module that is separately distributed through the SSL module website. Further, it requires application of badges to the server.

CGI scripts

Apache also supports the common gateway interface (CGI) program. This external program is utilized when a user requests a particular page. This program obtains information from a web server and utilizes such information in outputting a web page to the user


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