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TSF shell for android will blow you away!!

Updated on April 17, 2012


Well I guess most of you haven't heard of TSF shell for android.For those who have,you know how awesome it is!TSF shell offers some great options to customize your home screen!

We've seen the SPB shell and it's great.But TSF is in a whole new league.Enough said,now lets glance through the features.

1.Application panel

As soon as you install the shell,you can see the home screen with a highlighted black ring.Touch that and you see a beautiful 3D interface,1 application panel and 4 fully customizable blank panels.You can touch to select or just swipe through them.

Now,the first or Application panel.All applications can be seen as icons and swipe horizontally to switch between the app lists.On the left side,you can see 2 tags,one of which allows you to change the app panel transitions(6 transitions) and the other one gives you 3 panels,about which I'll deal with later.In the app panel,double tap the icons to multi select.You can select apps to be moved into the other panels this way.To do so,multi select and drag them to the blue ring and you can select which panel to move them to.What you notice straight away is how smooth the interface is and how beautiful the transitions and animations are.You have little dots on the bottom to show you which app screen you are at.

2.Other panels

Swipe around to select which panel yo want to go to.Once you drag a set of apps into a panel,you are given options on how to arrange the icons.This is one cool feature of this shell.Next thing you notice is that icons can be arranged in an overlapping fashion.There are no grid like arrangement for icons,contacts or folders(Not so for widgets) .After you have arranged the icons press and hold on to one of them and with another finger,swipe around the screen.This will make the icon tilt!Double tapping to multi select works here too.To delete the icons,drag them to the trash icon which appears on the bottom right when you drag the icon.

Now the coolest feature is a lasso like tool to select all the apps.When you lasso the apps and return to the point where you began,you are given a list of options.




4.Create folder

5.Multi choice.

You can add widgets of your choice.If you create a folder,the apps move to the folder with a nice animation.Touch the folder and you get the list of apps in it.If you have more than 8 apps in a folder,swipe in any direction from the folder and the apps beautifully flows in the direction of the swipe.This is the coolest feature (personal opinion!) of the shell.

3.Widgets and side panel.

Now about the side panel.You have 3 tabs on the side panel,one for some weird décor items(seriously,i have no idea what they're for!). One with the settings tab gives you access to the widgets.Contacts and folder are included and the others like music and memo have to be downloaded.Then there's one tab with a smiley icon on it.You can drag in your most frequently used apps or contacts into this tab and rearrange them as you wish.One thing to note is that you cannot drag and drop icons directly from your app panel.You have to drag them to the other panels first.

TSF widgets have cool animations.Music widget for example has a good looking album art display where you can swipe down to select the next song.Tip:If you don't find the album art,swipe down from the play button and they will appear.To make them disappear,swipe up!A sore thing is that there is no search option in this.

Memo widget also has some cool animations.But then,there is no option to enter texts,you can only draw(or write!),which for me is just not good enough.

Weather widget is good.With some good animations,this is one widget keeping on your home screen.


I've been through the best features of this shell,but this would be incomplete without listing the main drawbacks of the shell.

1.Insanely expensive.(About $17!!)

2.Only 4 customizable panels.(You can't add new panels)

3.No folder option in app panel.

4.Have issues with support of live wallpaper.(They say they do,but i can't make them work in my Galaxy S2.)

5.Limited number of apps per folder.(12)

6.No search option in music widget.

7.Can't type text in memo widget.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      What is the website that means it is easy to understand podcasts and blog sites? I don't get an iPod, does that make any difference? . gefcgdddegdf

    • Geekfreak profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Kerala,India

      Yes,the new version allows you to have more panels.I was using an old version then.Now there are a lot of new animations and photo frames to choose from.It supports live wallpapers now.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi don't what version where using but point two on your list of Drawbacks is wrong you can have up tow 11 panels more then in any other launcher!


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