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TV Widgets - Latest Technology in Television Industry

Updated on October 1, 2011


TV Widgets - latest in technology field, are here to rock the TV world and to give a new meaning to television watching. Now you can watch television, surf the web, and enjoy the features of small applications while watching your favorite shows on your favorite LCD or Plasma TV. You can have the ticker of stocks running at one side, a small window showing the current temperature of your city, you can check headlines from one corner. If you would like to have photos from your favorite program, you can capture them, make the slideshow and put on the desktop of your TV.

Yahoo! Widgets

All this and much more is coming to television world via Yahoo!, yes Yahoo announced a new TV development platform called Yahoo! Widget Engine. Now you can surf the web and can do your regular activities online, i.e. Flickr, eBay, MySpace, Twitter and many other applications would be there to keep you glued to the TV screen.

All these features will be powered by Yahoo! Services and leading TV manufacturers have made an agreement with Yahoo! to build Yahoo! Widget capabilities into their TVs. Major TV brands include: Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio.

Now we have to see when we will get these TVs into the market, and how the consumers will react to this change. Will this really make a vast difference in the TV industry, or may be it will just wash away within some months or years. Will surfing on TV screen would be convenient or not for the regular web surfers. So there are many things to look for when these TVs will be available in the market but overall, Yahoo! and TV manufacturers are trying to make a big change in the TV industry.


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