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TVI Express Lies Vol 6: tviexpress faked photo of Tarun Trikha in McDonalds, head office in India, not UK

Updated on August 27, 2011


Welcome to a most unusual edition of TVI Express Member Lies, where we will take apart a TVI Express "fan" website completely, and expose the lies within.

If you need some background info on the international scam known as TVI Express, please start at my other hub, TVI Express: an International Scam

Today's highlight will be on a Thai website called . It is in Thai, so I am following it through Google Translate, through Google Chrome browser. I am not going to pick grammar, as translators are notoriously unreliable. I will stick to PICTURES.

Marble Arch Tower, sure... "Picture of UK Office" "Picture of UK Office"
Google Map shows same picture, provided by owner and verified!
Google Map shows same picture, provided by owner and verified!

Marble Arch Tower, again

One of TVI Express's earlier addresses was a 55 Bryanston St. London, which is in Marble Arch Tower. In fact, presented a picture here to the right.

The problem is, this is the entire building, which has 161,000 sqft of office space. It is simply too big to be the office of TVI Express. A room inside, sure. Maybe even an entire floor. The whole building? No way.

Yet there is no room number, floor number, and so on, in the TVI Express address.

Thus, the TVI Express Marble Arch Tower address cannot be a "real" address. It is a VIRTUAL address to a virtual office.

Furthermore, if you go to Google Maps of London, and search for TVI Express, you'll see the exact same picture. In fact, it says "provided by owner", which is a HIGHER resolution version of the same picture! Thus, TVISmart simply copied TVI Express material. Even the listing itself was "owner-verified".

And how does this prove anything? It's like giving someone an unmarked city map, when someone asks for directions to your house. Is that where you live? Technically yes, somewhere in the city. Is it useful? Absolutely not.

Clearly, TVI Express address at Marble Arch Tower is NOT a real office. Again, a real office would have a room number, a floor number, or some such. If the address is to the front door, it must be a virtual office, a mail forwarding point.

Furthermore, TVI Express had left the location for months already, according to TVI Express website. It currently lists an office in Uxbridge (or Heathrow, depending on who you ask) which is NOT in London at all. (And even now there are worries that it is another virtual office)

So this picture is both MISLEADING (sorry, not fake, bad word choice), and obsolete.

That Uxbridge Location... Picture of the "Heathrow" office Picture of the "Heathrow" office
Same picture off agent's website, less blurry!
Same picture off agent's website, less blurry!
How many business are in this building, exact same address, yet no room number or whatever?
How many business are in this building, exact same address, yet no room number or whatever?

About this other picture... then posted a picture purported to be the picture of the new "Heathrow" office.

The problem is, this doesn't prove anything... AGAIN. The picture basically is "borrowed" off an agent's website. It's the exact same cars in the picture, even. The picture is then blurred a bit then patched with some other picture of same building to make that picture. Is it proof of TVI Express location? Not hardly. It only proves the address is valid. it doesn't prove who is at that address.

Again, this address doesn't show a specific name, office, or anything. It just points to front door of the building. Thus, it again means nothing.

After all, if I point at an apartment building, and say "I live here", you'd at least want to know what unit I live at, right?

Finally, care to see how many businesses are at that EXACT SAME ADDRESS?

Well over a dozen, according to Google Maps.

What are the chances that over a dozen businesses share the EXACT SAME ADDRESS?

One or two, maybe.

Three or four... doubtful.

A dozen or more?

Must be virtual offices. "Thailand Leader Callahan Koon. India Leader Tarun Trikha, and Chinese leader Anny Kim meeting in Hong Kong about doing business in Thailand" "Thailand Leader Callahan Koon. India Leader Tarun Trikha, and Chinese leader Anny Kim meeting in Hong Kong about doing business in Thailand"
The inconsistencies I found, pointed out. There may be more.
The inconsistencies I found, pointed out. There may be more.

Do you see problems with this picture?

The picture to the right is also from the website. Do you see a problem with it?

If you don't, click on it to look at the larger version, and look in the middle, just to the the right of the middle guy's head, at the stairs.

There are some VERY OBVIOUS signs of very bad image manipulation.

If you open the JPG file with IrfanView, and look at Information / EXIF headers, you will see that it had indeed been manipulated with Photoshop 7.0.

In fact, I'll show you all the manipulations I spotted in the second picture.

Someone was standing behind the guy in the black shirt, Tarun Trikha, and was erased from the picture. Why?

Another odd thing... "Kim" is usually a Korean surname. The same character in Chinese would be written "Jin" or "Jing". So she is a CHINESE leader of TVI Express? Odd indeed.

And finally, did you notice that the location of this photo is in a McDonalds? The guy is holding a soda with straw, and there's McDonalds logo on the balloons.

So the TVI Express Hong Kong meeting is held in a McDonalds?!?!? And this is the "leaders" of TVI Express?

Makes you wonder about the rest of their business, doesn't it?


This is sort of "proof" you see on TVI Express websites... it was supposed to prove the company to be legitimate, but the proof doesn't actually prove anything.

In fact, the photos actually raised MORE questions, if you just look a LITTLE deeper... Like why is the Hong Kong meeting held in a McDonalds? And why is that person erased? 

And they say TVI Express is NOT a scam... Hmmm...


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