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TVI Express Weasel Reviews Vol 1: false logic and false statements

Updated on August 19, 2010


This hub is one in a series that collects weasel reviews that does NOT review TVI Express properly, presents weasel arguments or false arguments, just to capture some keywords to promote their own agenda, such as "marketing coach". The weasel reviews can be here on Hubpages, or elsewhere on the Internet.

If you need some background on the TVI Express scam, please read TVI Express: an international scam first.

While I believe TVI Express is a scam, I have no enmity against any of these reviewers. However, I believe they are doing their readers a dis-service by NOT giving a proper review.

Is "Is TVI Express biggest scam" a good review?

Today's review we are highlighting is a fellow hub-er...

This review is the first one that pops up when one enters "tvi express scam" into Google, so it is important, at least net-wise. But is it fair?

First Argument: unsupported statement, disproved

So what did the author say about TVI Express? He first posed a question, then answered it without offering ANY evidence.

The first thing that had to be figured out was did TVI Express has any credibility and if they did where did it come from? Otherwise TVI Express would undoubtedly be a scam.

What research showed was that every single major travel company that TVI "claims" to be doing business with was actually backing them up 100%. That was a major green light because no international travel company would put their business and their reputation on the line for TVI if they weren't a legitimate company.

Note that the author did not note tell you which major travel companies he was referring to, nor how are they backing TVI Express 100%. Nor how did he find out such things. He simply said they are, according to his research, and that's it. 

His research clearly did not include this newspaper article from Spain's newspaper Mallorca Zeitung...

Lufthansa, Avis and Marriott, however, have taken legal steps for TVI falsely advertises with them as partners...

Clearly, the "green light" he referred to does not exist. It should be a huge RED LIGHT instead.

What is "Strawman Fallacy"? defines strawman fallacy as "one that misrepresents a position in order to make it appear weaker than it actually is, refutes this misrepresentation of the position, and then concludes that the real position has been refuted."

For example:

(1) Trinitarianism holds that three equals one.
(2) Three does not equal one.
(3) Trinitarianism is false.

Second Argument: unsupported statement, strawman

So what else did the author say to explain TVI Express is NOT a scam?

Next one the plate would be the companies comp plan. But lets put that to a real test. How in the heck are they able to pay out $10,000 to someone just for getting 2 measly people?

At first this threw up a MAJOR red flag but once the actual volume of numbers and amount of money was understood it became perfectly clear how it was not only possible, but reality.

Then he went on the describe the compensation package. However, he simply described the system. He never did explain how did the $250 turn into $10000, just that you need to recruit two people. Just wait, until they recruited people too, and you'll get the big payout. He ended with:

But the real genius part of the plan is this. You could join TVI Express, sponsor two people and not do another thing and eventually you will cycle out of the Express Board and hit 10K. It would just take longer this way.

So how does all this prove "TVI Express is not a scam"? The argument only makes sense when you realize he is IMPLYING a premise: "TVI Express is not a scam because they *can* pay out that sort of money after taking your $250". How? They just do!

The problem with this premise is he completely failed to even CONSIDER the possibility that this can be a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid scheme, you are qualified for payment after you recruit two or more people, and have them each do the same. In fact, the compensation package he described fits the description of a pyramid scheme perfectly. Yet he made no mention of this.

In a way, this is also a strawman argument: TVI Express does not "take your money and get nothing back", "take your money and get nothing back" is scam, therefore TVI Express is not scam. The argument fails to consider that scam can be other types as well.

Conclusion = FAIL

Author's third capsule discusses techniques to generate leads to for recruiting, and the fourth capsule wants you to explore his "TVI Express Secrets", which presumably is some sort of marketing technique. Neither contributed anything to explain how "TVI Express is not a scam".

As both arguments he offered were unsupported statements, one disproved, and the other a strawman, he has failed to prove that TVI Express is not a scam. In fact, the hub is nothing but a recruiting page for his "TVI Express Secrets".

If he had reviewed TVI Express properly, with logically constructed arguments, and supported by relevant evidence, it would not be a weasel review.

If he had written a straight marketing article, about how his system will help all sorts of MLM people, it would not be a weasel review.

Instead, he had written a cheerleader piece, using unsupported statements and logical fallacies to explain that TVI Express is not a scam, thus telling people it is okay to join TVI Express. He then offer to sell those people his "secret formula" to success. It is almost unethical, esp. when all evidence available points to TVI Express being a scam.

He is not alone on the net. There are plenty of other "network marketing coaches" (they go by various titles) that do the same thing, essentially wanting to sell TVI Express prospects a rope to hang themselves with. Others are less blatant, and give both sides of story, and was clear about their intent to help you succeed should you apply yourself. Yet others have came out against TVI Express, directly calling it a scam to avoid.

I am not against difference of opinion, but when opinions are supported by logical fallacies and unsupported statements, they are worse than worthless. They are essentially lies, and must be debunked.

Incidentally, here is a "good" review about TVI Express, by a similar "marketing coach". This guy read through the whole presentation, talked to several distributors, gathered enough information, and presented all the evidence to support his premise: TVI Express is just too suspicious. He then added his advertising at the end of the review.

Stay tuned for even more weasel reviews.


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