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TVI Express Weasel Reviews Vol 3: Because I said so

Updated on August 19, 2010


Welcome to another volume of "TVI Express Weasel Reviews", where we review people who reviews TVI Express, and if they gave weasel reviews, whack the weasel.

If you need some background on the international scam known as TVI Express, aka Travel Ventures International, please read my other hub first.

Is "What is TVI Express" a good review?

Today we are reviewing "What is TVI Express? Scam? Check out my review", available at

Well, based on the title, this is supposed to be a review of TVI Express, whether it's a scam or not. Right?

His purpose becomes clear at the end of the article. "it is essential that you get the information I have available for you below" In other words, he is a "marketing coach" who wants to reveal to you his "secrets for success", probably for a fee.

So how well did he do a review?

Research? There is no research!

The first paragraph is a "what is", which just parrots the official info put out by TVI Express, with no attempt to independently verify any of it. So it is irrelevant to a review.

Second paragraph does the same thing: repeats company marketing material about the "matrix" and "give away yachts and luxury cars".

Third paragraph seems to get to the heart of the matter...

The big question, is TVI a scam? Heck no! TVI Express is a good company with a rewarding comp plan, a solid business model and excellent leadership that will be around for a long time. It is no mystery as to why countless people are flocking to this opportunity. The one question on my mind is how many will fail to build their TVI Express business from lack of training and support? I can surely tell you that the odds are not in your favor!

Wait, that's it? With all the setup, that is all you have to say about the company? Just that it is a "good company"? It may have a rewarding comp plan, but what business model? what leadership? Why will it be around a long time? ALL LEFT UNEXPLAINED!

The rest of the article just explains why you need his secrets to MLM success, to make sure you succeed. But is *that* argument even coherent? Here's another excerpt:

Are you aware of the fact that over 97% of people getting into network marketing fail to get their business off the ground? Yes, this statistic is real and I, for one, think this percentage is too high!

The tone clearly indicates that the last sentence should be "TOO LOW", not too high. The impression he tries to give was that the odds are stacked AGAINST YOU, and only his "secrets" will bend the odds in your favor.

Well, I *guess* he could have meant that those numbers are too high and he wants to bring it down to a more reasonable level... But why write an ambivalent statement at all?

Should you even believe him, when his review of TVI Express is based on absolutely NO research at all?

Stay tuned for more TVI Express Weasel Reviews.


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