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Tablet PC-Cheapest price in India

Updated on October 11, 2011

Tablet pc worth Rs 1750 only!!!!!!

India is a country where poverty level is not much less,although India is developing.Technology has been developing day by day and many new developments have been brought before the world.But how many percentage of the people use those?Are the prices affordable to the average and below average levels?.India has made the development of technology so near to the average level people with the release of the cheapest tablet PC in the world at just RS1750!..Although the orginal price is about 2276 rupees,it will be sold to students Rs 1750 only.This has been aimed at bridging the digital divide between the rich and poor,and especially for students,who nurture the future.Named Aakash,this tablet PC has a size of 7 inches,with touch screen.

Who was behind the launch ?

The Aakash,known as $35 was launched by the Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal with the aim of technology reach to all economy levels.This tablet PC was developed by a Canadian company named DataWind Ltd which was found by two Indians,cooperated by the Indian Institute of Technology,Jodhpur.This product will be sold in India by a company called Quad,Andhra Pradesh.


Easy to handle

The Aakash weighs just 350 grams only and a size of 7 inches with touchscreen and so very easy to handle.


The operating system is Android 2.2.froyo,which has features like JIT compiler,Automatic App Updates,FM radio,new Linux kernel,OpenGL improvements,Flash 10.1 support and colour trackball.It has a very small processor of 366 MHz.There is an HD video co-processor , graphic accelarator and 256 MB of RAM to improve performance.


The product has an in-built wifi support.You can connect a data card for 3G and GPRS connectivity is also available.Therefore it can be operated as a 2G phone and 3G data support also is possible.There are two USB ports.You can also connect an external camera using the USB port.


The product has 2 GB of in-built memory .It comes with a 2GB microSD slot and supports an external memory upto 32 GB.


The browser used is called the UBI surfer which is developed by Datawind.They demand it to be ten times faster than any other mobile browsers.

Supported file formats

Aakash supports .doc,.pptx,.pdf,.docx file formats.


Aakash has a 2100 mAh battery and can last about 3 hours depending on usage.

Does the price of Aakash comprimise its quality?

Although the product is of low cost,there are some critisisms regarding the quality of the product.

  • The touchscreen in Aakash uses resistive technology,not considered as good as capacitive.
  • Tablet is pre-loaded with Office Productivity suite and it cannot download apps from Android MarketPlace.
  • Only 3 hours of battery life.
  • Low processing speed.

The future

In future,we can expect 9 inch and 10 inch Android tablets from DataWind with capacitive touchscreens,and in low costs below Rs 5000.Also, a new release with improved memory size and processor speed is expected.Also,DataWind has planned for decreasing the price again if more orders are placed.So,lets hope for furthur technology developments with the best specifications and features and in low costs.Thanks to DataWind!..


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      Murugesh T 5 years ago

      Nice and very useful for future.