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How to Find the Right Tablet Under 300 Dollars for 2013 - 2014

Updated on December 31, 2013
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an amazing tablet because it's very intuitive and there are so many storage options. I have to store a ton of things and transfer a lot of files. The Tab 3 allows me to do these things with ease.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an amazing tablet because it's very intuitive and there are so many storage options. I have to store a ton of things and transfer a lot of files. The Tab 3 allows me to do these things with ease.

I'm the type that likes to wait a little to get a tablet. Tablets are amazing and I use mine everyday.

I wouldn't recommend buying a new one when they first come out.

I like waiting to see what things people like and wait from some of the problems to be fixed and then I buy a tablet.

Whenever we decide that it’s time for us to invest in new technology, it’s difficult to make the transition due to the price involved.

We usually end up waiting for a while until the price goes down and we’re able to make the purchase.

This problem results when we’re so focused on the new fads out there that we’re unwilling to look at the other products in the marketplace.

Other brands exist that can potentially offer their customers with something that’s just as good, if not better than what their more prestigious counterparts bring to the table.

Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7

Brand Loyalty When it comes to Tablets

The main problem comes down to brand loyalty.

We hear all about what a particular brand has to offer and we want to bring it home with us.

These days it seems like brand loyalty boils down to what’s popular in the marketplace at any particular moment.

Usually when something has risen to the level of being popular, it has a high price point to go along with it.

The companies responsible for the production of these devices know that they can price their items high and their customers will still come back for more.

Kindle Fire HDX 7"
Kindle Fire HDX 7"

Low Tablet Prices without Quality Sacrifice

Luckily, due to the tremendous popularity of tablets, there’s a plethora of choices for anyone who wants to invest in this kind of device.

Shopping in the lower price level for tablets doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality.

All you have to give up is the ability to say that you have a tablet from a particular brand, which is not that big of a deal when you consider what each of these tablets has to offer.

Their level of functionality is equal to or even better than what you would get from their more prestigious counterparts.

What is your price range for a tablet?

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Overspending on Tablets is in the Past

It’s essential that you abandon the pre-conceived notion that you have to spend an arm and a leg in order to get a tablet that’s worth keeping.

While those more expensive tablets do have their charms, they remain unaffordable for a majority of the population.

Certain companies realized this fact and stepped up to the plate with more affordable models.

Surprisingly, a majority of these devices use the Android operation system.

Anyone who has used this operating will tell you that it’s worth every penny and then some.

The flexibility of this device is remarkable and the speed is unrivaled by any device that came before it.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G
Kindle Paperwhite 3G

What to Look for in the Future of Tablets

As innovation pushes the growth of the tablet industry, we will see additional products available at an affordable price point.

This phenomenon occurs when the marketplace is so saturated with a particular device that everyone has one.

In the case of everyone but Apple, this has already happened and the lower priced tablets are working their way up to becoming just as good as the more expensive ones.

Eventually, tablets will be replaced by some other technology that’s heralded as the best thing since sliced bread.

Until then, it’s desirable for people to have their keyboard and screen all rolled into the same device.

5 stars for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Buying the Best Tablet Under $300 on the Market

Having a tablet in your possession is all about convenience.

When you are lacking the ability to access your files directly from the device, you run into some problems.

This device has 16 GB of memory built into the device with up to 64 GB of memory available through a microSD slot and 50 GB of free Dropbox storage.

These additional storage options allow for the easy transfer of files you made on your tablet to your other devices.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep track of the transfer cord that comes with your tablet.

With these portable options, you won’t have to worry about tracking down this cord again

This tablet comes with three months of Hulu Plus, a $10 Google Play credit and a full year of Boingo Wi-Fi Access.

There’s something unique about this product that’s not present in any other tablet on the marketplace.

You can turn this device into a universal remote, thus consolidating the amount of devices you have in your home even further.

You wouldn’t think that you would need something like a tablet that doubles as a universal remote.

In the end, convenience is all the reason why you buy devices like these in the first place.

Choosing a product that comes from a company like Google is a can’t miss opportunity.

Google is a relatively newcomer to the mobile marketplace, so it’s tempting to want to disregard the products they have to offer.

One thing that Google has done right is purchasing companies that have the proprietary technology available and hiring trained professionals to do all the right things to come up with a solid device.

Their position as the owner of the Android technology allows them to implement the best operating system without delay.

Adding up all these positives underscores the fact that you would be hard pressed to find a device with more potential elsewhere.

Kindle Fire is a unique product in many ways.

It started out as an e-book reader from e-commerce powerhouse Amazon.

Slowly but surely, Amazon realized that they needed to come up with something to counter the landmark iPad from Apple.

They came up with the Kindle Fire, which is a flexible tablet that runs on the Android operating system.

When this device came out, it was one of the first color e-book readers on the market.

The evolution of the Kindle Fire into the Kindle Fire HD and then the transition to the Kindle Fire HDX that we know today was gradual but noticeable.

The resolution present on this device is unparalleled when it comes to other devices on the market today.

It only seems that it continues to get better with each subsequent version that comes come out.

The best thing about this device is that it runs for 11 hours when you’re performing a variety of functions.

If you’re just using it for its original function, you will find that it lasts at least 17 hours, if not longer.

You have the ability to choose different levels of storage capacity, depending on your intended purpose for the device.

You can also purchase a data plan that will let you work on the internet when you’re out and about.

The ASUS TF300 tablet has great performance specifications when you take them at face value.

As you dip a little further below the surface, you will find that it has some shortcomings and other features that are worth pursuing.

Its 1.2MP front camera for video conferencing and an 8MP rear camera with a large F2.2 aperture, 5-element lens allows for high quality video recording are similar to what’s offered in more expensive tablets.

When you combine these features with the fast processor and fantastic operating system, you have a tablet that’s both affordable and great for the content creators.

When you’re thinking about the Kindle Paperwhite, you need to put it in a different category from all the other tablets.

It doesn’t display graphics in color, nor does it have a fancy camera that lets you take high quality pictures.

This tablet allows you to read the content in one hand and it is 30% lighter than iPad mini.

The battery is touted to last weeks, not hours. Trying to read documents in the sunlight is easier than ever.

The sun isn’t going to interfere with what you’re trying to do. Beyond the e-book reading features, you will have a hard time finding anything else that this device brings to the table.

If you’re in the market for an e-book reader, you should choose a device like the Kindle Paperwhite because it has a lot to offer potential readers.

© 2013 James Richton

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