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Top 5 Tablets Under $400 on the Market 2013 - 2014

Updated on December 31, 2013
When the iPad Mini first came out, I had the iPad and i thought that the Mini would be worthless. I went to the store and played with a few and I loved it. After buying the Mini I found that it was so much more convenient than that iPad.
When the iPad Mini first came out, I had the iPad and i thought that the Mini would be worthless. I went to the store and played with a few and I loved it. After buying the Mini I found that it was so much more convenient than that iPad.

When you take the price of the most popular tablets on the market today, it’s understandable that you might think that there’s no such thing as a tablet listed at a lower price that can compete with its more prestigious counterparts.

In reality, since so many people have had a chance to get their hands on one of these helpful devices, the price point has gone down and it continues to drop for any product other than what’s released from Apple.

Before you set out to buy your ideal tablet, you should figure out what features that you need in order to make buying a tablet worthwhile.

Microsoft Surface RT
Microsoft Surface RT

Features with Current Tablet Operating Systems

The current tablet operating systems offer so many features other than what you see on the outside of this device.

You will notice that when new versions are released of the device you decided to purchase, the amount of actually unique features on the outside of the device will be minimal.

Changes are made to the software attached to every aspect of a tablet on a regular basis, whether it’s the individual applications or the operations system that keeps the entire device humming along.

These changes usually mean the difference between a device seeming entirely new and more of a lateral progression.

Google Nexus 10
Google Nexus 10

Benefits of a Tablet vs. a Laptop or Smartphone

In the current era, our efficiency is often determined by the amount of devices we have in our arsenal.

Some of us go with the laptop, tablet, and smartphone combination.

Going with a smartphone only can eliminate the need for either one of the other two devices, but the size of the screen is not desirable for a lot of users.

They want to go with the tablet and get the mobile benefits from the data plan they get with their cell phone carrier.

Many people are abandoning their laptops in favor of tablets due to their more portable nature.

Who makes the best tablet under $400?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Portability is What We Want!

Desktop computers are falling by the wayside in the eyes of the average user.

Their bulky features aren’t conducive for people who are currently living an on-the-go lifestyle.

They want something that they can fit into their pockets or handbags.

Laptops used to be the pinnacle of portability until smartphones and tablets came onto the scene.

Much work has been done to make laptops more portable than they have been in the past.

These efforts have yielded some of the thinnest computers we have ever seen.

None of this progress has done anything to stop tablets from encroaching on any percentage of their market share.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"

How to Get an Affordable Tablet?

There is such a thing as an affordable tablet.

You don’t have to wait for very long for the major tablets to drop in price.

The fact that you won’t get a tablet that has a major brand name on it means nothing.

You should place a more significant focus on the functionality of the devices you’re considering.

Setting price aside should give you a better indication of the actual value of each respective tablet.

You would be surprised what you will find out when you give a tablet from a brand you have never heard of a chance.

5 stars for iPad Mini

Finding the Right Tablet for You

Apple iPad Mini is a product that builds upon the already impeccable legacy of all the other iterations of the iPad.

It’s much smaller and lighter than what you have seen from an iPad in the past.

You have the option to choose how much storage space that you want to have and the ability to use the device outside where you have Wi-Fi internet access.

When you buy a product from Apple, you will get something that’s capable of giving the content creators everything they need to do what they do best.

This tablet is unique because it allows the users to tap into an application marketplace that’s unavailable to any other tablet users.

The amount of flexibility that you can get from this device is hard to find anywhere else.

There are precise differences between devices ran on Apple and Android operating systems.

Other devices in the market have better performance capabilities in various areas, but few devices have similar capabilities in all the areas that are present with the Apple iPad Mini.

There’s something indescribable about what makes Apple products better than anything out there.

Android products have their charms and are great in their own right.

Apple products are in their own category and set apart from the rest of the pack.

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s absolute dominance over the marketplace.

They came out with multiple versions of the same tablet as a way to give the users more flexibility.

This device is different from the alternative tablet in that it doesn’t have an operating system that takes up ¼ of the overall storage space.

Anyone who wants to take pictures or film videos can do with the two 720p HD LifeCams on the front and back of the device.

The graphics card and performance capabilities allow the content creators to do what they do best.

If you would have to point out a reason why this device won’t take over the secondary spot in the tablet market, it would be that it has its own application marketplace.

While there’s nothing wrong with a device having its own marketplace, you have to consider the size of the Apple and Android marketplaces, respectively.

It will take a considerable amount of time before Microsoft’s marketplace to grow to the size where it will become a competitor.

This limitation will open up the possibility for the user to want to go to a tablet running on Android or Apple.

Google Nexus is a tablet that shows Google’s potential to become a powerhouse in the tablet marketplace.

It has the advantage of coming from a company that’s the sole provider of the Android operating system.

This manufacturer has worked to stay on the forefront of innovation through its acquisition of smaller companies that have come up with remarkable technologies.

Google’s drive towards further cementing its status as a technological juggernaut should serve as an indication for what will come in the next few years.

When you talk about companies you should pay attention to, it’s impossible for you to leave Google out of the conversation.

Between their search engines and other websites, they’re a company that’s on a mission to overtake Apple and this tablet is a good start.

The draw of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes in the form of its flexibility in how you can store your files.

Not only can you use the 16 GB that’s built-in, but also you can use the 64 GB of memory available through a microSD slot and 50 GB of free Dropbox storage.

The 3 MP rear-facing camera and 1.3 MP front facing camera provide content creators with the opportunity to produce high quality videos and pictures.

One added benefit that comes from purchasing this device is the three months of Hulu Plus membership, a $10 Google Play credit and a full year of Boingo Wi-Fi access.

Amazon is in a rare position as a tablet manufacturer as a result of their status as the top e-commerce website.

They have a built-in mechanism for spreading their tablets to the masses.

Based on the performance specifications of this device, it resembles many of the best qualities of Apple’s iPad.

Its resolution is better than what you can get from the other tablets.

With the processor that’s in this device, you can perform a variety of functions that would have been unheard of with similar products.

Plus, this device will potentially be improved in the years to come.

© 2013 James Richton

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