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Take Great Pictures With the GE X5 Power Pro Digital Camera

Updated on January 22, 2016

Is the GE X5 Power Pro worth the money?

What do you look for in a digital camera?

For many people including myself, price was a major factor when making our camera purchase a few years ago. The camera we chose--the GE X5 Power Pro digital camera, came with a very attractive price tag...around $90 at Walmart. I also liked the shape of the camera, and how it has a 'handle,' which makes it easy to hold and grab with my hand.

Feature Rich

When I took the camera home and began shooting pictures with it, I was pleasantly surprised by the features. It comes with 14.1 megapixels, and 15x wide optical zoom. This allows me to take sharp, detailed photos, with beautiful colors and contrast. This camera also comes with Image Stabilization, which also allows me to reduce blur and capture moving objects, even if I'm inside the car while my husband is driving.

Lots to Choose From

Another thing that I love about this camera is that it comes with the SCN feature, which helps you choose exactly the kind of background you are shooting in. Whether you're shooting from inside a car, capturing fireworks or snowfall, you can capture all of these with precision.

Movie Star

The X5 Power Pro also comes with video, and the subject(s) in the video are always clear; never dark. That is a complaint I had with older digital cameras when I would take video; the sound didn't have enough volume, and the subject in the video (usually me), was blurry or appeared to be sitting in a dark room. Literally!

Still Learning

This camera isn't perfect, however. I have had to delete a few blurry photos; for instance, if I'm taking macro photos, I possibly didn't have the camera on the proper setting. Also, a tripod might be a good accessory to have in some instances with this camera, as with many others.

HDR Edits

Also, this camera has an HDR setting that helps give the photo more detail sharpness. I took a photo of my cat sitting on the bed one evening, and her eyes did not show up. I edited the photo to the HDR setting, and her eyes came to life. It's a beautiful photo, and it's one of my favorites.

Capture the Hobby

My photography hobby has definitely come to life since I purchased this camera, and I really enjoy editing and uploading my photos on Photobucket, Instagram, and Google+. I welcome you to check out my links on my profile.

Well Worth The Money

Even though this camera is not an DSLR camera, I think it is definitely worth the money, and a great value. I am pleased with it, and I think it will capture many wonderful memories for me for years to come.

The X5 Packs 14.1 megapixels into an affordable camera


I give the X5 a 5 star rating

5 stars for GE X5 Power Pro Digital Camera

15x Wide optical zoom helps you capture great photos

What Do You Look For In a Digital Camera?

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One of my favorite gallery photos, taken with the GE X5 Power Pro


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    • Glitchy profile image

      Emily H 22 months ago from Washington

      Lol! I'm pretty sure that would work a lot better, but cost is an issue for me right now

    • Hanzamfafa profile image

      Mike Leal 22 months ago from London

      Nice review of the GE X5 Power Pro. But since you said photography is your hobby, try upgrading to a much better camera - DSLR. you will enjoy photography even more. Just a suggestion.