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Take Online Meetings To The Next Level With Electronic Whiteboards

Updated on June 11, 2015

Electronic whiteboards have been growing in popularity in schools and other educational institutions, but they were originally designed for use in recording the minutes of business meetings. They are still used for the same purpose during boardroom meetings, presentations, for meetings to plan ads or design work, besides having other uses. But the whiteboard has come a long way today, so that it can even make remote conferencing more convenient, quite like conferencing tools like GoToMeeting do. In addition, they can also enhance the experience of using GoToMeeting.

How Electronic Whiteboards Make Online Meetings More Efficient

1. By acting as the host monitor

There are several brands of electronic whiteboards today, which may offer touchscreen facilities for easy manipulation of elements on the screen, direct printing, saving to SD card and so on. These models can be used as displays for video-conferencing systems without the need for a projector. Elements on the screen can be conveniently manipulated with hand gestures. The whiteboard can also be used as a split screen for sharing video and applications in a combined data and video-conferencing scenario.

In most video conferencing scenarios today that use tools like GoToMeeting, the host (who must be a registered user) can organize a meeting and send e-mail invites containing a link to participants. At the time of the meeting, the participants click on the link in the e-mail, and they can view the host's computer screen and the documents that the host loads on it. At the same time, they can also see the host and his environment for better face-to-face interaction.

This process is similar to the way in which a modern electronic whiteboard works. Many modern electronic whiteboards also allow participants to directly connect with GoToMeeting via their whiteboards, eliminating the need for a separate host monitor.

2. By allowing others in the room to view the conference as it progresses

Electronic whiteboards can help to make video-conferencing meetings more flexible. Since whiteboards stand-in as a display screen for a video-conferencing software or tool like GoToMeeting, hosts can make the most of the screen's multi-media capabilities. The size of the whiteboards makes projectors and additional screens redundant. There is no need for an additional monitor to display the video conference to others in the room while an online conference is in progress. Viewers present in the room can easily participate in the conference at the same time as remote participants.

3. Recording features

The screen capture and recording capabilities of electronic white boards makes it very easy to record the minutes of a meeting and share it with participants. This eliminates the need for participants to take notes. They do not need to keep looking down at their notes and can participate more fully in the conference as it progresses.

Online collaboration between participants not located in the same city or even the same country can bring its own set of challenges. While screen-sharing is often the standard way to make online presentations or share information with meeting participants, the importance of face-to-face interaction cannot be undermined. Separate webcams and projectors are often required for video-conferencing. The electronic whiteboard can offer solutions to many of these video-conferencing pains.


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