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Talking Watch Guides Vision Impaired to be Timely

Updated on October 17, 2010
Avalon XXL Series Low Vision 1- Button Talking Watch
Avalon XXL Series Low Vision 1- Button Talking Watch

Being disabled requires innovative ways to simply get through the day. Reduced vision makes reading, writing and typing difficult. Simple things like seeing a wrist watch is taken for granted by people like me.

I am aware of these issues because my mother has vision problems. One day she can see pretty well and the next - well not so much. She tends to like wrist watches that have the minute and hour hands that travel in a circle around a numbered dial. She has tried to wear fashion watches that have odd shapes, small faces and digital numbers but they just make it difficult for her to see the time.

You may not think that accurate time is all that important when fashion is at stake. For people like my other accuracy is everything. She is a diabetic and taking her insulin on time can save her life.

Fashion is still something that mom wants. She is a female after all. She does not like those bulky black plastic (athletic) type watches. Avalon is a watch company that takes these things into account. They have several styles, metal color, women's, men's and unisex wrist watches.

With a push of a button, an Avalon watch tells the time, day, date and year in a loud female voice. An hourly chime and alarm mode is also part of the benefits of this watch. How much trouble is it for you to set a watch? Just think about how difficult it would be if you could not see it well.

The Avalon watch settings are assisted by voice directions. Combine that with the black on white numbers and a vision impaired person should have a better chance to set the Avalon watch without assistance.

My mom would wear this watch. She is not very old but she feels like she is. If you have dealt with a parent that is very picky and is easily embarrassed by their condition you can relate to the need to find products that help out.

The Avalon wrist watch is silver tone in color (also comes in gold tone) and the wrist band is flexible. I like that it has a lifetime warranty.


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