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Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale for the Foodie

Updated on March 20, 2011


Are you a foodie? Maybe you would like to be but measuring all of those ingredients leave you frustrated and ready to give up.

The Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale is a unique kitchen gadget that seems to solve more than one problem that all cooks deal with.

Tiny little marks are difficult to make out especially when the cup is held at an angle. If the cup suffers from years of use it is hard to distinguish a measurement line from a deep scratch. Those with impaired eye sight may have to resort to using a magnifying glass.

Some receipts call for a half pound of apples instead of two cups. No scales in the kitchen – then chances are you are out of luck.

What if I told you that a measuring cup could measure ingredients as well as weigh them? The first time I saw it I was surprised to say the least. Even the most experienced cook in the kitchen could use a helping hand. For those that would rather measure ingredients the old fashioned way there are measuring marks on the cup too.

The Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale can measure dry or liquid ingredients. It can also measure the weight of an ingredient as well as its volume. Adding ingredients to a recipe is easy whether it is milk, juice, flour. Following a recipe is easy no matter what the measurement – cups, ounces, grams, milliliters or pounds.

This measuring cup is a digital device. It runs on a Lithium battery. The LCD screen is easy to care for and is easy to read because it is molded into the handle.


If the recipe calls for a fluid ounce measurement all you need to do it push the start button on the handle and pour the liquid into the cup. As you pour the digital readout lets you know how much is there. If you know the conversion from liquid to dry you can check for accuracy by simply turning the cup around and reading the measurement marks on the side. I think that this is a great feature for writing new recipes from scratch.

When using the Taylor Measuring Cup as a scale there is no need to empty out one ingredient to measure the next. It is a simple process to add the first ingredient-weigh it-then rest the scale to zero. Each ingredient can be weighted separately even though they are stacked on top of each other.



If cooking has become less than an adventure – maybe this little gadget could bring back some of the fun. I usually cook without a written recipe so when friends and family ask how I make my famous dip it is difficult for me to translate the ingredients and their measurements. This is one kitchen gadget that I plan to make room for.


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