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Technology Words From Back Then vs Now

Updated on April 5, 2013

Techie words from then vs now

Have you ever thought about the tech words that are used today vs the way they were used back then?

I have and I think the similarities are very entertaining. The words still have the same meaning, they just have more responsibility now.

They even have more of a purpose. They are high-tech words that help us as we evolve deeper into the depths of technology.

We have become accustomed to using these words in our new age techie world. We have come to appreciate them and admire their new standing in our vocabulary.

Back then, the words were basic and simple. Now the terms have power and potential. As you read through the list you might discover more words that I didn't add, feel free to add your own words in the comment section.

And the words are...

  • Surfing was done at the beach, now it's done on the Internet where you remain dry.
  • Macintosh was an apple we used for pies and other desserts, now it's a computer.
  • Traffic was sitting in a car waiting to get somewhere, now it's visiting a website and you save on gas. You also can't develop road rage.
  • A mouse was something we caught in a trap, now with a click of a mouse we are trapped in cyberspace. No need to share your cheese with this mouse.
  • An icon was someone we had on a pedestal, now it's a shortcut on our screen.
  • A browser was a person who shopped, now it's the Internet mall where you can shop until you drop!
  • Keys were used to start a car, open a door etc ... now they are used to type on our keyboard. It's rare that you will misplace these keys.
  • A web was a spider's hard work, now it's the World Wide Web where you meet new friends from around the world.
  • Facebook was when we saw the reflection of our face in a book, now it's a website used by millions of people to keep in touch or just to see each other's face!
  • A wall held up houses and buildings, now we use it to communicate with our friends on facebook!

  • A screensaver was a person who came to your home to save your screens, now it's a picture of something that makes you smile while your computer is at rest.
  • Tweets were sang by birds, now they are messages we send on Twitter.
  • Characters were people we were leery of, now they are how many spaces we are allowed while tweeting on Twitter.
  • Homepage was when your mom paged you home for dinner, if you didn't respond the first time the page got LOUDER!
  • Apple was a fruit you gave to your favorite teacher, now it's a billion dollar technology company!
  • Profile was looking in the mirror and admiring your appearance, now it's information that's required when you join a website!
  • Serial Number was given to convicts when arrested, now you have one on every piece of tech equipment you purchase just in case a con tries to steal it!
  • Wallpaper was the sticky, pretty paper you applied to walls, now you apply it to your computer background.
  • A community was an area you lived in, now it's part of a web group you are involved in.
  • Specs were glasses used for seeing, now they are how we see inside the computer.
  • Status was your standing in your community, now it's sharing what you had for lunch with your friends on facebook!
  • Trend was what was popular and hot, now it's the latest news on Twitter such as who or what is trending?!
  • Laptop was when you placed something on top of your lap, now it's a convenient computer that travels with you!
  • A poke was when you poked your friend and they poked you back, now you can poke the heck out of each other on Facebook and no fear of it turning into a fistfight!
  • MySpace was when you wanted "my space" now it's a part of Internet history and was replaced by Facebook and Google+.
  • A link was a piece of jewelry, now it's your connection to get to a website.
  • A blackberry was a fruit, now it's caused an epidemic among crackheads who enjoy their crackberry phones.
  • Motherboard was when your mother was in the car with you, now it's the printed circuit board and without it no one is happy.
  • Memory was something we all never wanted to lose, now it's what we want our computers to never lose!!
  • Smartphone was when we had to do all the work for our rotary phones, now they are phones who know it all!
  • Copy & paste was when we made a copy of a picture and pasted it on paper, now we click a mouse and it's all done for us!
  • Download & Upload were the words commonly used on laundry day, now they are used when retrieving data from cyberspace!
  • Menu was used to select a meal at a restaurant, now it's what we use to select our next website to visit!
  • Application was what we filled out to apply for a job ... now it's an application we add to our iPhones!
  • A password was needed to win childhood games, now it's needed to play Internet games, enter websites or retrieve email.
  • A Monitor was the nice, elderly lunchroom lady who we feared, now it's a box we stare at for hours at a time!
  • Network was a station to watch TV, now it's a place to socialize online!
  • Windows were panes of glass that we looked through to see the world, now without Windows we couldn't see the Internet world.

Who would have thought these tech words could have so many similarities? I didn't until now.

Feel free to add your own words in the comment section. I'm curious to know how more words we could add to this list. See y'all in cyberspace!

Ain't that the truth....

Are you pleased with how technology is progessing?

See results

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