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High Tech gadget protection in monsoon !

Updated on August 8, 2014

High tech gadget protection

It's monsoon time and it is finally gearing up for the rain after the sweating summers just like some extra care for your self at this time of the year ,you need to care for all your high tech gadget like mobiles phones ,I -pods, laptops ,digital cameras ,calculators etc..These high tech gadget are like small brats to yours and need some extra care from you ,and more over you cannot do without them and thus can not let them go astray if you are aware of the fact .Why only these high tech gadget ,even the electronics at home like Television ,air conditioners ,music systems washing machines etc. gets affected by the rain pour .

All high tech gadgets have printed circuit boards(PCBs) within them .Electronic components such as chips capacitors and resistors are soldered on these (PCBs) .The copper tracks "printed" on these boards carry small amount of electricity between the various components .If water or moisture enters the system .Electronic chips go into lock mode ,so it does not respond to users commands or it behaves erratically .

High tech gadget
High tech gadget

So how do we protect the high tech gadget or other electronics ?

If water seeps into high tech gadget or any electronics when it is in the "on" stage chance of getting affected are much more than than when it is switched off .thus it is advicible to switch of all high tech gadget as well as other electronics and drying it completely before reusing .it.

It is best recommended to put high tech gadget such as mobiles , palm tops. calculators ,electronic dictionary, note books etc.inside a cover to protect it from harmful effects of the rains .

Also customized plastic covers could be used to protect electronic gadgets like monitors ,televisions and audio systems from dust and moisture .Another effective method to protect the high tech gadget and electronic is by using dehumidifiers.With regard to home theaters and plasma screens do not for get to check the mounting walls for seepage or moisture . A slight leakage or even dampness could actually affect the efficiency of devices .Moreover it is important to unplug all devices and if possible even all high tech gadget during lighting and thunderstorms to avoid short circuit .


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    • lotuslove19 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sarika Mehra 

      6 years ago

      N82s212n,your are most welcomed ,it was nice to hear that this hub helped you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for these cool and useful tips to help keep my phone safe. Especially during the summer months. great hub!


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