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Technology And How It Has Affected Our Lives

Updated on February 14, 2012

Our lives today are greatly influenced by technology, and technology not only means your average everyday computer, but also all sorts of other things you use, including your kitchen appliances, your car, your Television sets, your cell phone, etc. Tasks that took people days to complete can now be completed within seconds. In the early days, people did not have computers and e-mail, and it took many days before the other person received a message by mail, but now messages can be delivered within seconds through the use of e-mail. The internet too is a great uniting force nowadays and helps connect people from different parts of the world with ease.

Technology has many benefits as it makes our lives and everyday tasks much easier and quicker than before. Medical facilities are better nowadays resulting in many diseases being cured and people living longer and healthier lives. Cell phones help people connect better while they are on the go or even at home. Telecommunications have played a great art in connecting people around the world. In the old days, documents had to be sent by snail mail which took a while to reach other people, but now documents can be faxed which takes seconds to be sent.

Global world trade has also been significantly improved over the years along with technology as it is now much easier to advertise products and services with the internet. In earlier years, people had to wait in a long line at a bank to withdraw money, but now one can go to an ATM machine and withdraw money within a matter of seconds. Online banking has also made transactions easier for people.

As much as technology has made our lives easier, and will continue to do so, it has many negative aspects as well. Many businesses have been affected due to the advancements in technology. Newspaper agencies have been forced to shut down because now newspapers are available online. Music stores have been hit hard due to the easy availability of mp3 files that can be downloaded for free. People are getting lazier and expect technology to do all their work for them, and business meetings no longer have to be held in an office. Kids that used to indulge themselves in outdoor games now sit at home and play video games. People no longer feel the need to step outside their homes anymore.

Technology has made our lives a lot more easier nowadays, but this must be kept in mind that people should not depend on technology to do everything for them, but it should just be used as an aid to the tasks that they have to complete.


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    • profile image

      sovat 5 years ago

      technology is great but please use in whenever you need or to improve. Don't use it to represent you.

    • profile image

      cortez 5 years ago

      wow how lame