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Jobs or Technology In the Future

Updated on April 5, 2014


Many think of evolving technology as a good thing. Technology over time has grown to be a force driven by what people want, desire and need. In many areas of human population computers/ Micro-processors join forces to provide humans comfort and necessities. From our house to our car, and even at work, we are well taken care of in the world of electronics around us.Need to feel safer in your home, look to technology. Some of us cringe at the sight of technology growing at such a rapid pace.Cars will soon be able to drive you places - Movies and books often tell of such fears of technology taking over jobs and even taking over humans lives.Many new found technology addictions have developed over the course of time such as shopping addictions, computer game addiction's, cell phone addictions. Should evolving technology be a concern for our society?

Will employment continue to superceed technology?

Being an employee at a job doesn't always keep the same excitement after working for many years within the company. Good employment requires good education and a lot of personal development. Being a good worker at a job isn't always recognized by companies in the way that the employee would expect them to. Many jobs are under pressure from share holders to make more money. This could result in lower raises and in due time businesses look to more efficiency in work processes that sometimes can create more stress on the employee. At the beginning of the 'basic job sector' many don't feel that they are being paid what they are worth- Hence debates over workers in fast food getting paid $15 an hour wages. Many live in fear that there will be a day where a robot/machine will replace the employee's job that they worked so hard to support their family with. Up until now most machines have worked cooperatively with employees to make a job process faster.

What do People Want?

Giving people what they want is easy - Getting exactly what people want is an investment and a challenge. Companies today are spending big, and working hard to 'get' and deliver what people want. Lets take communication for example: There is always a need for communication. There was communication on Rotary/dial pad telephones, cordless phones, analog cell phones, digital cell phones, smartphones. These developments on communication alone tell a story. People want to have the ability to accomplish more without the limitations of location. In addition to this: Despite the fact that we aren't perfect we are suggesting that we would expect things to be fairly perfect and smooth in society. Stores are evolving from usual technology so that check-out is as painless and smooth as possible. People want fast food to be fast and perfect every time without regard to how busy or difficult the circumstances are. One fast food establishment established service times, only later to realize that many introductions to new menu items have hindered this process. People want things to be consistent and simple. Technology is the closest reality to a consistent and near to perfection based society. If delicious food was created fast, hot and fresh every time the customer would come back more often than not.


We Want
Tech Example
Home life made easier
Theft; On going cost
Automated Sweeper/Floor cleaner
Expensive to buy/Less expensive to keep
Delicious food
Bread Maker/Dinner Maker
Expensive to buy/Consistent
Travel made easy
Ongoing cost
Automatic driving car
Expensive to drive/Fears of instability
There are many disadvantages to technology in our lives. But it seems many are willing to accept. . .

How do you feel?

Are you waiting on your employer to make a change on your work environment, to make you happier at work? Many have concluded that their jobs aren't as creative as they would like them to be. Some have concluded that their jobs have not allowed them to express their own creativity. Job's allow you to get by - Technology on the other hand, can allow you to change your entire environment around you. I personally believe that technology advancement doesn't exactly hurt us. I believe what it could be used for could hurt us. Reading more about advancing technology has allowed me to embrace it even more.

Arduino used to develop. . .

How do you feel about an automated fast food restaurant. . .

3 stars for Automated restaurant

© 2014 wileyan


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