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Teleportation Star Trek science fiction or a reality?

Updated on October 12, 2015

Is object teleportation real or Star Trek fantasy?

Star Trek teleportation is definitely science fiction; it violates many scientific laws. However, what about a real object teleportation scenario, is it possible? Not only possible; it postulated teleportation is a natural phenomenon, meaning it happens in nature. So what proof do we have of this being a natural phenomenon? We have both experiments and natural events.

Create a Model

This concept resides outside the scientific thinking box; note, however, not outside any scientific laws! Therefore, when one intends to prove a claim residing outside the box, they need to create a model of the phenomenon and then apply all the situations to that model. Since the public and science viewpoint of real teleportation impossible/non-existent; thereby making all situations and events non-true. In order to overcome this obstacle one needs to ignore all authenticity and consider just the feasibility within the model. A true innovation today only happens by thinking outside the box; developing real teleportation applications with technology is a true innovation. The model is very simple, three steps: initiation, control, and termination.

Real Object Teleportation Analogy

An excellent analogy of real object teleportation is the ‘cut n paste’ we did in kindergarten and on our technology screens today. The first step is to ‘cut’ (which de-materializes) the object, this initiates the process. The next step is to go to its new destination (control the transfer). The last step being ‘paste’ (re-materializes) the object at its new destination. In effect, the object was teleported; no user energy, momentum, or force applied in the actual transfer of the object from Point A to Point B. The user only initiated (cut), controlled (established new destination) and terminated (paste) the object’s teleport operation, the actual transfer happens in a different area (dimension). Understanding this scenario, one has teleportation down pat.

U.S. Air Force Teleportation Report - Object Teleportation

The first event is a series of scientific experiments conducted by the Chinese in the 1980’s and late 1990’s using children trained in psychokinesis as illustrated in the 2004 U.S. Air Force Teleportation Report. Eric Davis, PhD suggests these experiments are performing true object teleportation. Science states they are a hoax because they violate the conservation laws of energy and momentum and use some unknown force. Unfortunately, science is wrong; the psychokinesis does not violate any scientific laws, the reason being because nothing is moved in our three dimensional world. The Chinese children never moved anything with their minds. They communicated (telepathy) the three steps of initiation, control, and termination, just like what we do with technology. In fact, in our technology mind over matter (software) is duplicating what the Chinese children done. These experiments follow our analogy and the model.

Alleged Naval Experiment

There was an alleged Naval Experiment conducted during World War II that had an objective to stealth ships because the Nazi U-boats had sunk 2,779 ships in 3 years. The technology supposedly was Tesla coils producing hi-energy electromagnetic waves to make an object disappear. This disappearance concept quoted from a Nikola Tesla speech in a New York Times article some 35 years earlier. The subject did disappeared; it also alleged to have teleported to two shipyards and back with a series of bizarre events happen to crewmembers. This event had produced the initiation, but lacked the control and termination steps resulting in utter chaos. Tesla died before the experiment.

Natural Teleportation Events

There are numerous in nature from tornadoes to events happening in triangle areas, to the UFOs; all illustrating object teleportation is a reality and therefore can be initiated, controlled and terminated with technology. What happened in most cases, just initiation happened, control was missing therefore just a random termination resulted, however, in all cases object transfers, including humans were made.

Patents for Teleportation Technology

A patent ‘Low Energy Technology for Real Teleportation’ been applied for, and another patent soon to be applied ‘Low Energy Technology Propulsion using Teleportation’ (LETPuT) in progress and will be shortly applied. The first patent a general utility patent for many uses, i.e. package delivery versus drones and many more applications; the patent, LETPuT offers the capability to travel in deep space at the speed close to light (671 million miles per hour).


The project website provides information on proving teleportation is a ‘Natural Phenomenon’ and the concepts used to develop these applications.


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