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Ten Cool Youtube Channels

Updated on June 29, 2017

Youtube is a popular app and website full of videos and people trying to make a career out of something they love, which means alot of people. Hundreds of Tubers create and share content to show others, here are ten of some cool channels I have seen.

#10, Skallagrim. Skallagrim is a guy from Canada who creates videos on prehistoric weapons, scrutinizing fantasy weapons and a display of things he has collected. He knows quite a bit about swords, axes and nearly everything ancient and rusty. He collects old weapons and shows hot to properly use them, he even creates some videos showing what kind of weapons would be good for a beginner, he is a really cool guy and I suggest giving him a look.

#9, Markiplier. Mark Fischbach is a well known Youtuber who specializes in gaming videos called Lets Plays, he even makes some sketches and everything. He is known very well for his screaming and cry baby nature when playing horror games, he even plays some rather strange ones like Honey Pop and Rocket League. I watch him alot and I can vouch that he has made some great series. Subnautica, Outlast, Five Nights At Freddy's, many people love this goofball and I am sure you will too. He also has a pink mustache and a split personality.

#8, Death Battle. If you love seeing some well known cartoon characters from movies, games and comics duke it out to the death then this channel is right for you. Death Battle takes battles most requested by the fans and creates visuals for the battle, they study the characters history and abilities to see who would win in a death battle. They have been scrutinized for not fully doing their studying and sometimes just throwing some things together but it is still cool to see Master Chief duke it out against Doom Guy.

#7, Playstation Access. Playstation Access is a group of people who create videos that talk about games, some of the videos have made me laugh quite a bit. The main speaker has somewhat of a french accent and is pretty fun to listen too, you get to hear him ramble on about games with long speeches and some quips here and there to stir the pot. Not many times will I sit and listen to people complain but this man and his fantastic team make some pretty good videos to watch.

#6, Peanut Butter Gamer. PBG is a rather eccentric Youtuber who posts videos reviewing games and talking about cool stuff, like Top Ten videos about Legend of Zelda. His personality in the videos does seem to be a bit over the top but that is what makes him awesome to watch. With sketches mixed in with his lists you will get some of the funniest game videos you will see in your life.

#5, Chaos. Chaos is another team of people who make lists about games and what not,a big chunk of their videos is centered around Call of Duty and the many aspects about it. If you want to know some of the best Assault Rifles in BO1 or some of the best zombie weapons in BO2 then check out their videos. They even tend to do some giveaways during alot of their videos, long as you have a twitter you can win some really cool stuff.

#4, Epic Rap Battles Of History. ERBH is basically what the name implies, but unfortunately you won't be seeing Eminem or any other rapper be rapping no you get to see Chuck Norris rap against Abraham Lincoln, which is pretty cool. Many of their videos put some of the strangest pairings together. Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler, Bonnie and Clyde vs Romeo and Juliet, they have some pretty entertaining if not weird rap battles.

#3, Bart Baker. Bart Baker is one of the kings of parody creations, many of his videos have some big hit songs behind them such as Uptown Funk and That's What I Like. With the help of many other guests in his videos some rather funny and excellent things are created, seeing some men dressed up as women trying to act like certain celebrities is kind of funny. Some of the parodies he makes even sound better then the actual songs they parody, props to you Bart.

#2, Matthew Santoro. Matthew is a Tuber who does alot of lists videos as well, like PBG Santoro has alot of eccentric qualities and even a bigger smile. He does all of his lists with a pep in his step and some quirky jokes to go along with the lists, many people do lists but very few can match the charisma packed fuel of Matthew Santoro.

#1, Game Theorists. Matt Patt is a maker of game and movie theory videos, he goes knee deep into finding out the truth of many things. Many of the game videos he does centers around if things would actually be possible to do in real life, others can simply be about the logic about certain aspects of a game like Samus Aran's morph ball power. If you are a nerd and like to know if things are truly as they seem I suggest you try out Game Theorists and also Movie Theorists, they are the same thing just of a different form of media.


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