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Why I Think Cell Phones Can Be Totally Annoying

Updated on October 21, 2012
Cari Jean profile image

Cari Jean is a freelance writer and author. Her inspiring memoir "Having Faith" is available on Amazon. She resides in North Dakota.

I didn't use to be so anti-cell phone. I had one back in 1999 - you know, the big flip phone that took up your whole purse? I downsized in the 2000s as cell phones became smaller and even opted for the Trac phone at one time. But now, alas I am cell phone free and instead of feeling like an oddball not having one, I actually feel good about it.

There are a few reasons I don't have a cell phone. One, it is one less bill to pay. And two, I don't want to become like some of those cell phone users with whom I can't help but get annoyed. While I am not annoyed by all cell phones and their users, there are certain things about them that really do totally annoy me.

It's cell phone mania!
It's cell phone mania!

Turn Off Your Phone!

Many times before a speaker starts speaking during a conference, a church service or at another event, people are often reminded to turn off their cell phones. So I do find it a little annoying when all the sudden, sure enough, someone has not turned off their cell phone. It can be quite the interruption, especially when the ring tone is a loud song or noise.

I must admit, though, I did laugh when we had a guest speaker at church and a lady's cell phone went off to the tune of "Bad to the Bone." The lady is on the board of directors for the Christian Motorcycle Association and the song meant it was a biker calling. Even the speaker laughed at that one!

For the most part though, nothing can be more annoying than a blaring cell phone going off in the middle of a pivotal point a speaker is trying to make or during a time for quiet reflection.

A loud cell phone user can ruin the fun of eating out
A loud cell phone user can ruin the fun of eating out

Rude Behavior

I hate to be so anti-cell phone but I do find it a little sad and even a little rude when I see a mom or dad out with their children and they are not paying any attention to them. Instead, mom or dad are talking or texting on their cell phone.

It's not just parents and their children, I see this all the time. People are together yet each of them are talking or texting on their cell phones to somebody else. Maybe they don't do it all the time but I would never want to be that person so involved with my cell phone that I'm not communicating with the person I am with. It seems that we have a need to feel connected but more and more people are depending on technology in order to feel that connection with others.

Something else I find a little rude is how loudly some people talk on their cell phones It is especially annoying if I'm at a quiet coffee shop trying to get some work done, at a restaurant when I'm trying to have a conversation with my spouse or in the waiting room where there is no escape. I really don't care to hear people's conversations while they are on their cell phones out in public. At least the library is still a cell-phone free zone!

Do people really have to text while driving? What could possibly be THAT important?
Do people really have to text while driving? What could possibly be THAT important?

Texting While Driving

It is bad enough when people talk on their cell phone while driving but now people are texting and looking at Facebook while driving.

But for those of you who habitually text while driving, please stop! There are many needless accidents and deaths due to this growing trend.

I have witnessed first hand drivers swerving from side to side trying to stay in their lane because they are busy texting while driving. I was really hoping there was cop around to pull the driver over. It is after all, against the law in many states,

cell phones seem to have taken over some people's lives
cell phones seem to have taken over some people's lives

Cell Phone Addiction

I think there are people, including many young people who are in serious trouble of being addicted to their cell phones. It's like people have a need to stay in constant contact with one another. I hear of stories of teenagers sleeping with their cell phones because they don't want to miss a text.

I often wonder if all of this communicating through technology is going to hinder these kids' ability to communicate one on one. I honestly don't see how some kids make it a through a day of school without getting on their phones! Unless, of course they can call or text in between class and on lunch break. I understand that parents like for their kids to have cell phones so they can keep in touch but I can't help but think that in school, cell phones would be very distracting.

everyone everywhere is on their cell phone
everyone everywhere is on their cell phone
payphones are becoming obsolete thanks to cell phones
payphones are becoming obsolete thanks to cell phones

No Need for a Cell Phone

I do apologize if I sound too harsh or even judgmental but seriously do people really need to be on or have access to their cell phones 24/7? I actually like the fact that people can't track me down where ever I am. Oh, I know, I could just shut my cell phone off but then I would probably get yelled at for not having my phone on! So it is easier to just not have one!

Yes, it might be nice to have a cell phone in case my car dies on me somewhere or when we're taking a long trip to be able to keep in contact with those we are going to see. And yes, it might be an added comfort to have a phone with me while driving in the winter in North Dakota in case I get stuck in the snow. But I figure if I survived my college years driving 400 miles back and forth from school to home (one way) without a cell phone then surely I can make it without one now!

I also understand there may be instances when having a cell phone can be a life saver in the case of emergency but I'll just have to count on God and not my cell phone if that day ever comes!

Someday, though. LAN lines might be a thing of the past and if I ever need to get a hold of someone by phone, I just might have to give in and get a cell phone!

We'll see if I can make it through another North Dakota winter without a cell phone!
We'll see if I can make it through another North Dakota winter without a cell phone!


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    • Azeem ben Ysreal1 profile image

      Azeem ben Ysreal1 3 years ago

      It like people are being controlled with those dam machine,i hate cellphone and i am glad i don't have one.Shalom

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      YES! I have a hub, And Cell Phones Are Good Why? Hate to self-promote, but we are on the same page on this one!

      People don't realize that they instinctively project their voice when they speak into a cell phone. My pet peeve is when I'm at a restaurant with a friend and they answer their phone and even pursue a conversation with the person who called. It's bad enough to be rude to strangers, but that is soooooo rude to do to a friend.

    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 3 years ago

      I loved your article. The pictures were great, too! Very fitting for the hub. Yes, cell phones can be super annoying, I totally agree! My husband is always on his, but then again I realize that I'm on mine a lot too! It's very distracting to always have Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites alerting you to different updates, plus there's always someone you can be texting with. It's fun and it makes communication faster and easier, but it also limits our abilities to interact with people who are right in front of us. Sometimes my husband says he would like to burn his cell phone! I wonder if this fad will ever go away. But I have a feeling iPhones and other Smart Phones are here to stay. Perhaps if people made more of a conscious effort to limit the number of times they check certain social media sites per day, it would get better. However, having self-control like that in a very "me"-centered world is rather difficult these days.

    • profile image

      Techvedicusa 3 years ago

      Hi Carijean,

      You have written wonderful article regarding cellphone. Now cell phone has become a big need of people. I think today's person or every family have more the one cellphone.

    • Bianca Mccoullum profile image

      B.Mccoullum 4 years ago from Fort Wayne

      While I love my cellphone, it is very tedious going bat crazy looking for your cell phone while on your cellphone, because it serves so many purposes.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Ever since the cell phones existed I have never been keen on having one, for all the reasons you have mentioned and so true .

    • tipstoretireearly profile image

      tipstoretireearly 5 years ago from New York

      I always wonder why so many people feel they must have cell phones. Do they really have so many important conversations that they must be tethered at all times? I also find it very annoying to be forced to listen to other people's conversations. Thanks for the great hub!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      I have to say that cell phones do come in handy in certain situations, but for the most part I find them annoying and intrusive. I don't appreciate being tracked down when I am not home for unimportant chatting. It's ridiculous.