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Video Sharing: 9 Top Video Upload Sites

Updated on February 19, 2014

Video Uploading Sites: Why Would You Upload Videos?

Videos are popular with sites like YouTube and others, they present the opportunity of creating videos about anything and have them uploaded to the site, now this does one of two things, if you have a a video that you want to be popular about a specific subject or topic them you will get visitors if you spread it out on quite a few video uploading sites all at the same time ( or one after the other!)

Videos are a way of getting the word out about something, presenting yourself as the voice and face of your blog, website, online business, offline business and whatever else you can think of. Uploading videos goes far beyond normal too, as there are some bizarre videos out there, but some downright funny ones too, I like to watch some crazy YouTube videos now and again, but I also like some that teach you some new information about something, especially online with the internet or a particular online publishing place, where you can find out little tricks and tips that you missed that others found.

So in a nutshell video sharing sites have the ability to make you a superstar or at the very least, a "celebrity in your niche or interest area" depending if you have listed your videos right with a descriptive description and video title and tags you should generate some good traffic from one video, but if you did ten related to one topic you would bring in more traffic to a website or blog of yours, so the the top point I'd say to do here is to be like the others who upload video after video in one niche, just get on with it and don't look back, onceyou start looking back you will see mistakes in your video, things you should have done and all that sefl doubt stuff, videos don't have to perfect, just informative and clear to hear and see, that is all.

What follows next are 9 of the video uploading sites that I would like to spotlight and explain why I think they are good sites to add your video.

YouTube The First And Popular Choice For Video Sharing

Video sharing site Youtube is far and wide the most popular online with millions of videos being uploaded weekly, I prefer this one for it's easy to upload and sharing qualities.

Youtube has some good points about it, first you can create Adsense players and earn from the popular Google Adsense programme for views and clicks, which is nice if you can build up some decent traffic.

What I think is nice to look at is all the crazy videos that get thousands of views in a single day, this makes you think about many levels of marketing you videos why not drop a crazy one in there that could be relatable loosely but just totally for entertainment and see what happens.

Like most videos you can embed them and share them almost anywhere, with a simple link or by using the embed code.

Commission Video: Earn $7 CPM

 This is something slightly different and one that could be useful if you have your own site or blog, the videos are like video news feeds in a topic or category that hopefully could fit your sites content and you earn from the views that your videos get, this is a good way to set up some income for your sites and it is easy to embed too, if you know how  to embed simple Youtube videos then you can do this aswell, it's a similar code to embed the videos so it should be fairly straightforward.

Metacafe - Another Revenue Earning Video Uploading Site

 Metacafe is one I have an account with but I have not uploaded any videos yet, but I plan to soon, this is another revenue sharing video site that when you share videos you can earn too, which is always nice to do.

Once you get experienced or at least begin to create your own videos you might want to separate some of these video uploading sites and keep them for separate stuff, for instance if you are a fishing enthusiast maybe only upload specific videos for fishing to one or two video sites and then other types of videos to other ones, this helps you keep organized in the content that you want to show.


Tube Mogul Saves Time By Uploading To Twelve Video Sites At Once

Tubemogul is one of them great sites that I only found last year, and it's one that cuts time by uploading to other video uploading sites all at once, although you have to be a member of each one first, so if you aren't at first just sign up for each one and retain your passwords and user names just like any other site.

A lot of the top video uploaders and internet marketers use this free service to save on time, like you should to, because time is precious and is quite literally money to most of us.

Vimeo- Community Based Video Sharing

 Just like Youtube the community share features here at Vimeo are what make these video sharing sites workable, to be able to create a video that could have the viral potential to reach thousands (or millions if you dream a bit harder!!)

Voting and commenting work well to spread the effects of your videos message, they also add to the video if you get a lot of decent comments too.

Apparently, the video quality is very good that's why many people use this one as opposed to something like V-social which seems like you may have to pay for.

Dailymotion Video

 Dailymotion is another video uploading site which is pretty  much the same format as all that are displayed here with all the usual categories and ratings systems.

So there you have it the top ten according to me of the best video upload sites.

Google Video, MSN Video And Yahoo Video

Google video is a good video uploading site that is so close to the search results on google that it is quite useful to upload your videos there too.

But the top search engines are trying to get in on each others act, so Yahoo and MSN provide a similar video uploading service.

If there is any video uploading sites to share your videos then these 3 should be in your top ten.

Video Uploading Sharing Sites

Which is the best video sharing site?

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Video Sharing Sites, Why Do You Use Them?

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    • profile image

      Bollywood Wallpapers 6 years ago

      Its very true...This is very nice site

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Thanks for that, will check it out soon, sounds like another site to add my vidz too!

      Cheers now!

    • profile image

      James Last 7 years ago

      I just signed up with Unlimited storage for both videos and pictures and it's completly free.

      No monthly limits or qoutas.

      Photos and videos are stored in their original formats and sizes and are kept unmodified for backup.

      I also like that you can geo-tag your stuff so it shows up on a map. And you can search for stuff on the map - that's cool!.

      As the only site i know of it uses a Windows Explorer like navigation with folders - super easy to use - even has drag and drop!.

      I can highly recommend it.