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Ten (unusual) blog post ideas

Updated on February 13, 2016

The laptop is open, yet no ideas come

It's a familiar scene: A woman sitting at the table, a beverage by her side, and absolutely no inspiration for a blog post. Grumbling, she flips through her pinterest boards hoping to find inspiration (but with no success).

Did I just narrate your situation? My bet's on 'yes' because why else would you be reading this article? You've probably looked at other posts and articles full of 'blog post' ideas as well, but while a few of them stroked your fancy the rest of them seemed to be a bit... lacking. How do you write a post that makes you stand out from the rest when you've only been blogging for a month and have seven posts altogether? The suggestion 'Write about why you're blogging' doesn't do the trick. To write such a post that early on makes you a bit egotistical, don't you think?

With that said, let's take a look at this complied list- all of the ideas below will not only help you connect to your readers as a 'real' person, but they will also bringing in new niché audiences.

Do a room/house tour

I know it sounds like a very 'YouTuber'-ish thing to do but room tours are actually pretty popular! You' get the curious side of your audience who want to know more about you, and you'll be able to drive in a bit of traffic from mothers who are looking for ways to decorate their homes, as well as bored college kids. I don't know about you, but I'm all for new readers! Besides- this gives you a reason to tidy up your bedroom a little bit. ;)


Write about what you've read recently

No, seriously, share it with your readers and then put an affiliate link to the book on Amazon- two birds, one stone! It doesn't matter if you liked the book or not. If you didn't like it, tell why and authors (not necessarily the one whose book you reviewed) will look at the post to help them learn what readers do and do not like. Again, that's new readers that wouldn't have come if you hadn't posted about their niché.

Write about what you haven't read

On the flip side of the previous idea, write about what you haven't read, regardless of whether you wanted to or not. Want to read more? Set a goal and tell your readers about it, and tie in some 'benefits of reading' stats to make a solid post. Or, instead, write about why you don't read some things. I know my current makeup routine, but I still get sucked into blog posts about beauty that I learn absolutely nothing new from. I've made the decision to no longer read them and now I'm saving time and I'm more efficient.

Declutter yourself

Let's be honest: We all have too much stuff. I know you've seen the 'declutter your life' posts floating around pinterest, so do it and make a record of it. In addition to telling your readers what you're trashing/donating/selling, take a photo of it all together to help show just how much clutter we don't need to hang onto.


Write about what you find attractive in a person

If you tell me that you've never Googled 'What [boys/girls] find attractive' and are a millennial (older generations, you get a pass on this) then I don't believe you. Write a post about what you find attractive in another person, platonically or romantically, regardless of how old you are! You'll get a lot of traffic from a younger crowd, and it'll help you reevaluate what is important to you in other people- physically or characteristically.

Post your grocery list

I'm not kidding. There are a ton of moms (or other college students, if that applies to you) who compare what they buy to others to get a good idea of if they're 'average' or spending too much. It's not a hard thing to do- go to the store, buy your week's worth of groceries, and make a post about what you bought. Voilá! You have a post! You can then take it a step further and write about what meals you'll be making in the next week- a perfect way to set up traffic to a few recipe posts that you could easily make. Several birds, one stone!

Resolutions that you will never make again

This can be posted around any time of the year, of course, although it will be most effective around the New Years. Everyone has made resolutions of course, but not everyone completes them. With that in mind, post about the ones you will never do again, regardless of whether you completed them or not: try to throw in a few of each!


Dates you've gone on

Everyone looks for new date ideas. Everyone. With that in mind, share some date ideas and share the story behind them! Was it awkward to go bowling? Was building a lego set together more intimate than you thought it'd be? Write a post about it! If you have some pretty unique ideas pinterest will eat you up!

Try a Pinterest craft

You know you want to- there are a ton floating around Pinterest and Facebook. Go give one of them a try and take a lot of photos! Did it work? What was hard about it? Would you recommend it to anyone? Was it worth the effort? Let us (the readers) know!

Learn an instrument

Take a month's worth of lessons with a private teacher or just off of YouTube. How far did you get? Was it worthwhile? Did you have the motivation to last a month? What can you play after only a month's worth of practice?

Did you find an idea?

Did anything strike your fancy, or are you still fighting writer's block? Let me know in the comments down below!

Happy writing!


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