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Testing Reflow on Video Cards

Updated on October 22, 2011
Flux on 3 side and suck to the 4th side.
Flux on 3 side and suck to the 4th side.
Thermal compound applied.
Thermal compound applied.
Another video card
Another video card
Cards and the materials used.
Cards and the materials used.

When the young person picked up the dv9000 for his cousin and the two laptop video cards for reflow on 10 Oct 2011, he gave me another four PC PCI-e video cards to try reflow. I appreciate for his trust.

The GPU for video cards has bigger size. I was not certain if the reflow worked. On 22 Oct 2011, the young person told me that one video card was working. The other was not. He was nice to say that the chip had bubble before passing to me. It was overheated in before.

I had been thinking about how to get the soldering paste flux to get inside the small gap underneath the GPU. I tried by letting the flux to run down by gravity but it was slow and did not go to the other end. I tried compressed air to blow which did not work neither.

On 22 Oct 2011, I tried putting the flux on three sides and sucked the flux to the fourth side. The flux went to the other end this time. After the reflow, I cleaned up the cards and applied thermal compound on top of the GPU as for laptop GPU.

I have a PC at home but don't have a DVI monitor to check if the cards work. I will get the update from the young man to see if the reflow works.


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      Ok 4 years ago

      So, take ROSIN from local music store. Mix with ISO 99% .. in a small sealed jar .. Ingredients will be roughly 60% iso 40% rosin "powder" .. remember to "crush" the rosin.. Let it sit for 2 hours.... Now use an eye dropper to apply a small but liberal amount under your gpu/cpu/smc chip. Burn the hek out of it & voila! Its a beauty flux! . . Clean areas with iso baths / remove with heat IR or hot air. Great reflows working 100% here :D