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Text message interceptor - Is it possible to intercept sms messages without the user of the phone knowing?

Updated on March 12, 2011

A text message interceptor app is a software tool when installed onto a mobile phone will secretly intercept every sms message sent and received by that phone and then send it to a third party. If you are the person doing the spying then you may be able to find out the truth you are looking for such as whether your boyfriend is a cheat or maybe if your teenager is hanging with the wrong crowd. This is one of the benefits of spying on cell phone communications secretly. You will have total unbiased evidence of the situation, it will be up to you to look pass it.

If you are on the other side of the equation and your text messages are being intercepted then your privacy is being invaded. It is scary to imagine that people can actually see everything you do on your cell phone. It makes you think twice about what you send to people via sms. The truth is you should be cautious of whatever you send in terms of communications via your phone or computer. Technology is pretty cool but it makes you vulnerable because of the various spy programs on the market today.

How does a text message interceptor software works?

The first thing which is needed for a text message interceptor to work is access to the person’s cell phone. Once that is available then it is possible to download the software onto the phone and subsequently install it. This will take approximately five to ten minutes to complete and once activated the spy app will remain hidden in the background. Within a few minutes of activation every sms message will be intercepted and sent to the third party’s web account.

The only thing the third party will have to do now is login to their web account. All the information about the text message will be available to that person including the content of the message, date and time sent or received and also the telephone number of the other phone. Most sms interceptors are not just limited to monitoring text messages but contain other features. These features include gps tracking, call logging, phone book access and much more. This depends on how much the person is willing to invest in their spying adventure.

Most text message interceptor apps are freely sold on the internet between $40.00 and $300.00 and virtually anyone can purchase them providing you have a credit card or pay pal account. If you are thinking about installing an interceptor app on someone’s phone you should make sure what you are doing is perfectly legal. Parents usually own the particular phone and that is not an issue but if you are an employer or someone’s spouse you should seek legal advice first.


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    • profile image

      Lee 7 2 years ago

      If there is some other way that is less imvasive i would be open to suggestions. No,then i feel this would my path of least resistance and if i was wrong then no jarm done...

    • profile image

      Theresa knight 3 years ago

      Hey want up

    • profile image

      cheating source 6 years ago

      well Donna you have to take into consideration it is a tool and could be used for good or evil. It has helped parents keep an eye on their children especially teenagers. I agree with you that it is sad people do have to spy on each other but until we are more honest and infidelity is no longer upon us it will be that way.

    • Donna Suthard profile image

      Donna Suthard 6 years ago

      Your article is well written, its sad that people have to spy on others..what a lack of trust!