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TextNow Wireless

Updated on May 17, 2018
TextNow App Logo
TextNow App Logo | Source

What Is TextNow?

TextNow is claimed to be the first cloud-based phone carrier. They started off as just an app that allowed you to make calls and text over wi-fi. This application was very big and popular for the user on an iPod touch. To make it feel like an iPhone without the phone plans or expensive phone prices. It worked over Wi-Fi just fine. Then the app came to Android devices and as well as PCs and Macs. This app helped cut cost on phone plans and you were always staying connected whether it was your phone or tablet or PC. But, now the company has grown from its days of just being an app that allows you to make calls and text. Now they are their personal phone carrier, TextNow Wireless.

The Moto G3 TextNow Version
The Moto G3 TextNow Version | Source

TextNow Wireless

TextNow Wireless uses Wi-Fi, Voice, and Cellular Data which is voice and text. Having all this connectivity means that the service will give you more coverage than before. Their service also allows you to save money on their wireless plans.

They use Wi-Fi for places that don't always allow you to have or keep connections. So when you are not in range of a cellular network or tower you can still be connected thanks to Wi-Fi connections. TextNow won't ever charge you for roaming data fees.

With TextNow Elastic technologies, TextNow promises to pick the best network for you. Traditional phone carriers won't do is. Whether it is Wi-Fi, 4G/3G or voice, the TextNow Wireless will keep you connected to your family and friends.

TextNow Wireless Plans

Well just using the stand-alone application on any mobile platform is free of charge! I suggest try out their applications first which can be found in the Google Play Store, Apple's App store, and the Windows Store. You can even use the free service right from your mobile browser or PC browser. This is so you can test out calls and text from their apps and judge the call quality over your now cellular data and Wi-Fi. The app is very cool and has some neat features. If you scroll down further on this page you will see some videos that discuss the app and service.

Their wireless plans are very affordable. They start off at $9.99/month for unlimited talk, text. The $9.99 plan will on work on their Sprint's Network as their T-Mobile plan only uses Data. But both versions of the services have the $19.99/month plan, which just gets you 1.5gb of LTE data. But, once you use that up it goes to just 2G unlimited data which is great for those of you who use chat apps like facebook messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and many more and even browsing the web and emailing. But, if you like streaming music and watching Youtube videos over data, they do have other plan options as well such as a 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB plan. But no matter which plan you use they will still give you unlimited 2G data and talk and text.

TextNow Wireless Phone Plan

5 stars for TextNow Wireless
The TextNow sim cards come with this package
The TextNow sim cards come with this package

Earn Credit to Pay for Your Bill

TextNow Wireless also has other ways you can add more data and money to your account to help you pay for your phone bill. You can download apps, watch videos, and even take special offers in which TextNow has to offer. So you have plenty of ways to keep your service connected and online.

How To Earn Money For Your TextNow Wireless Account

TextNow Wireless VS FreedomPop VS Project Fi


TextNow Wireless now allows you to bring your own device as well as buy a phone from the company themselves. I purchased a $20 Moto G3 brand new. From TextNow Wireless website. They also sell Galaxy and LG phones as well. They have a small section of products. But, these are to get you from point A to point B. My experience with the $20 Moto G3 has been very good and so has the service. But, I did order separate sim card so I can test it on my unlocked devices. But you can use an iPhone or any unlocked Android smartphone with their service just as long as it is unlocked phone.

How Does Calls and Text Work With TextNow?

TextNow and TextNow Wireless isn't the traditional way of calling and texting but more of the future for calling and texting. You will be using the TextNow application (found in Google Play Store, Apple App store, and web) as your default for calls and text. You won't be using a stock dialer or stock messaging app that is usually pre-installed on your Android or iPhone devices (Not to say you wont be allowed to use stock dialer). But your calls and texts will run through the application as this is how the service is running on cloud and software purposes. There are images and videos shown how the app works and what you should expect from the application itself. So take a look above and below. Your calls and texts are unlimited either way. Rather you are on the $19.99 plan with included data or just using Wi-Fi Network connections. You can have free unlimited calls and texts or pay as low as $19 to have everything. TextNow gives you a lot of choices to choose from.

Phone Services

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TextNow Wireless Full Review 2018

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Running on TextNow Wireless

TextNow Wireless SpeedTest official video

You can use your stock Android Dialer App with TextNow phone plans!

TextNow Brings Families Together Again

TextNow now offers family plans for everyone. The first line which is the user ahead of the account price stays the same but every line added from line 2-10 can save as much as $15 per line! So if the first person has the 10GB/2g unlimited plan for $59.99, the second line for that same amount of high speed data would get their line for $44.99! But, if both users are on the 1.5GB/2G unlimited plan then each line is $19.99/month. But the second line user could get the 3GB plan just for $20.99 instead of the $27.99 for a single line. Which is not bad at all! The 5GB plan is regular price at $39.99 but if on the family plan its just $30.99! The key with the family plans is to get more users to grab more data for less! This is a smart move for people who don't usually use that much data at all. Compare to other carriers in the industry this put TextNow right dead in the center. Although there is Boost Mobile and Cricket to compete against at price points similar with maybe more data, most of these carriers throttle you and force you to watch video streams in 480p (DVD quality video), TextNow uses full throttle and high-speed internet! Although your calls and text are running over data, the calls and text are not using up your data. After the calls and text are still unlimited. Even without the wireless plans the calls and text are free via WiFi.

This pretty much wraps up the news and deals on the TextNow Wireless family plan. There are videos and how to tutorials down below to help you and guide you through the process on how to setup your family plan.

TextNow Wireless Family Plan Explained

In the end, it is up to the consumer on what type of phone service they want. Is it as affordable versus the 4 major carriers and their prepaid plans? This service is no contract based. So you can cancel at any time! The app will work without a data plan as well. You can even just use it over wifi. TextNow Wireless starting price is at $19.99/month with the basic 2g unlimited data! To me, that's better than nothing. It's good for messaging and emailing and browsing the web (minor image usage websites). Sure with the 2G you not able to stream your music or watch your favorite youtube channels. But its there for when you needed. There is always Wi-Fi around when you need it. The overall service has been great so far. Even while it is running on Sprint's LTE and they do now have T-Mobile on board as well. So things are looking very competitive right now with TextNow being the first cloud-based phone carrier and using Wi-Fi first then data and voice. Other competitors that are similar is Google's own Project Fi, FreedomPop, and Republic Wireless who also use Wi-Fi and data and voice for connectivity. Have you heard of TextNow Wireless?


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