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Textile Fabric Testing Instruments.

Updated on February 27, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

This Yarn May not need any Tests.

Fancy Yarn.
Fancy Yarn. | Source

Textile Testing for What.

1 - Any Fiber is tested for it's fiber length,fiber strength,fiber maturity and its diameter or finess which makes the yarn a corse,medium,fine or super fine yarn.It is the quality combined in all parameters that makes the cost of cotton low,high or very high.The best fiber is grown in Egypt and Sea Island and the low cost fiber in Pakistan.

2 - Any Yarn meant for weaving,knitting,Industrial use or in sewing needs quality's depends as per fiber quality.Perhaps not so essential in Fancy Yarns used in crocheting.

3 - Any type of Fabric gray,bleached,dyed,woven,knitted or on any machines needs testting for fabric strength width wise and length wise,shrinking percentage in gray and finished stage,trash content in gray stage,color fastness to washing,rubbibg test,cloth construction or fabrics number of threads per sq inch.selvedge parameters and fastness to light.

4 - All yarns used in Industry of all type of fabrics also need all tests mentioned above.

5 - The following are the Instruments used as detailed in brief:-

6 - Anything that needs drying will need tests for color fastness if it is dyed.

7 - Anything or any textile material that needs tests for burning tests like non flamable fabric.

8 - Textile material that needs testing for pilling or sagging in case of man made fiber yarns like polyester.

9 - Yarn or Fabric Crimp Tester for men's trousers for example..

10 - Wrinkle Recovery Tester in textile material used in apperal fabrics.

11 - Crease recovery tester in textile fabrics.

12 - Impulse Random Tumble Pilling Tester.

13 - Sample Cutters.

14 - Strength Tester.

15 - Garment and Printed Fabric Durability Tester.

16 - Fabric Abrasion & Pilling tester.

17 - Fabric Snaging Resistance Tester.

18 - Fabric Bursting Strength Tester.

19 - Fabric Tear Tester.

20 - Fabric Spray Rating Tester.

21 - Fabric washing shrinkage, spirality, appearance after laundering, wrinkle-free and easy-iron assessments, and washes before abrasion, pilling and flammability tests.

22 - These tests are carried out in accordence with specification that are given,if for example the fabric is to maintain 'X' number ( per sq inches) of threads length wise and 'Y' number of threads width wise it is checked with the standard counting glass as and when the fabric is woven.Simialrly for Yarns the specifications will be given for strength,hairyness,variation in count ( diameter ) etc etc.

23 - Once every test that is required to be made is checked the packing also has to be as per customers required number of pieces or meters per package.

24 - Even the Package is specified regarding the way it is required like in rolls or folded in single width or double width.

25 - Finally there are stamping instructions which are customers and mandatory markings as per Ministry of Textiles,Department of Textile Commissioners office.


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