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Texting Abbreviation Help

Updated on August 3, 2011

Texting Problems

In this day and age, texting has become a major form of communication. Everyone seems to own a cell phone and the majority use text messaging. Unfortuneately, some people are behind in the ever evolving text rampage. Abbreviations are widely used and widely misinterpreted. After reading this article, you should be fluent enough in text lingo to understand an average text and send some of your own!


Popular Texting Abbreviations

Here are a few popular texting abbreviations:

lol : laugh out loud

jk: just kidding

rotfl: rolling on the floor laughing

btw: by the way

brb: be right back

Thnx: Thanks

ttyl: talk to you later

When and How to Use Abbreviations

Using texting abbreviations are practical and convienient by saving the texter and the reader valuable time. However, using too many abbreviations can be confusing and overwhelming. Try to use one or two but no more than four. Most of the abbreviations such as "lol" and "rotfl" are used at the end of a funny text or to signify that you like what was texted. Others such as "brb" and "gtg" are used to quickly inform the other person that the sender has to go.

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Advanced Texting

The above list of abbreviations will help any texter get by, but here are a few more abbreviations for the more advance texter:

BF/GF: boy friend/ girl friend

BFF: best friends forever

BFL: best friends for life

BBQ: barbeque

CYL: see you later

FYI: for your infomation

ASAP: as soon as possible

FB: facebook

GR8: great

NOOB: new bie, novice

OMG: oh my gosh

OYO: on your own

ZZZZZ: tired, sleeping


Now that your know the basics of texting abbreviations, you are ready to start texting! Please do not text and drive as that is a major distraction and causes plenty of accidents.


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