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The 10 Best Apps for iPhone

Updated on August 20, 2010

Several lists of apps for the iPhone have been created everywhere in the web. With so many apps, it is just natural that everyone look for their own favorite applications.

While it is not clear what are the really best applications, the closer we can get to answer this is to look for what Apple itself is saying. Apple has an annual competition where thousands of applications are compared.

These are the ten best applications selected by Apple. They are some of the best designed applications for iPhone and iPad.

Doodle Jump: This is a game that simulates drawing and doodling. It is very intuitive to use and has excellent graphics.

FT Mobile: FT mobile is the iPhone application to access the Financial Times newspaper. It provides flexibility and a simple way to access the articles in that newspaper.

Brushes for iPhone: Brushes is an application for drawing and picture retouching. It is available as a desktop application, but also works really well as an iPad or even iPhone application.

Tab Toolkit: With tab toolkit you can read or create music for guitar. The interface is really sleek, since you can see in the same screen the tablature, the traditional music notation, and the guitar.

Articles: This is a new application that makes it easy to access wikipedia articles. You can easily find what you need.

Flight Control HD: Flight control is a game that allows users to simulate a flight on one of several airplane models available from the iPhone application. The game has a great interface that uses all the resources available in the iPhone and iPad.

20 Minute Meals: If you need to create fast dishes for a party or for any occasion, you should check this iPhone app. It shows a lot of recipes for meals that can be ready in 20 minutes. With this app, you will have no excuses to create great meals.

Star Walk for iPad: Starwalk in an app that show the stars, and helps identify them at night. If you like to observe the sky at night, this app can be the easiest way to identify the stars.

Real racing for iPhone: Another great game for the iPad/iPhone. I like this one, since racing games are some of the ones that I like best.

Pinball HD: Pinball is the type of game that never gets out of favor with players. With the iPad/iPhone, there is no question that people will be playing pinball a lot.

These are just ten application, but it is clear that the iPhone has thousands of good apps. You should explore them and see for yourself how many interesting applications are out there.


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