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The Best 3D Televisions For 2010

Updated on July 15, 2012

We were quite spoilt when we got high definition TV and many thought that that was the limit on television technology but recently we have been wowed by 3d TV,and if you haven't seen this technology in action believe me when i say it is fantastic.If you can then get down to your nearest audio visual retailer and hopefully they will have a room where you can experience 3d for yourself,if they do then try it as it will blow you away and you will have to be restrained from purchasing one right there and then.Not only are they 3d ready but also most of them are 1080p high definition and most of them are either plasma screen or the new and impressive LED.At the moment as it is a relatively new technology prices are high but with every month that passes they are coming down into a price bracket that is affordable for most people looking to upgrade.Best of all lots of digital TV broadcasters are looking into having numerous channels devoted just to 3d,much like HD is now.

32"-40" 3d tv's

I will list the most popular 3d TVs in order of size,starting with the 32" to 40" TVs and working my way upwards.


Samsung Un40c7000 This beauty is a 40inch 1080p full hd 3d TV that comes not only looking very sexy indeed in traditional samsung fashion but also comes with the fantastic samsung ssg-2200ar rechargeable 3d glasses,This TV is one of samsungs top 3d tv's and the picture is excellent.The TV is a led backlit TV for exceptional picture quality and has 240hz to give no motion blur during fast moving scenes.It also has a 6,000,000-1 contrast ratio giving it some of the clearest colour in its range.

Sony kdl40lx903

This TV is one of the best looking TVs Sony has ever made,a 40 inch full hd 3d TV,it also has an intelligent presence sensor so it can dim the picture if necessary or even switch it off if no one is paying any attention to it.The TV also has integrated wifi which could come in very useful and will be installed on all new TVs soon.


42"-50" 3d tv's

Samsung ue46c9000

This extremely good looking TV has only been out a few months but has already caused a stir,at only 8mm thick it is very slim which means it is easily mountable anywhere in the house without causing to much of a distraction.As with most 3d TVs this one is a bit expensive but over the next year we will see the prices come down as the technology improves.

Panasonic tx-p50vt20 

This is panasonic's flagship 3d TV and their first effort and considering it is their first effort it is pretty damn good.Samsung clearly have the biggest stranglehold on the 3d market but if panasonic continue to produce TVs this good then they will quickly catch up.It has freeview hd which means you get plenty of hd without having to pay for it.It performs well with its 3d output and does exceptionally well when playing 3d games,maybe one for the big kids then.


This is lg's effort at the 3d market and its not a bad effort at that,it has all the features you would expect to find such as wifi and Internet ready which is what a lot of TV manufactures are heading for these days,it has 400hz motion blur technology,excellent for the football.Plus it has freeview hd built in so no more paying high bills to get your favourite programmes in hd.

LG Television


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