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The Best Android Apps that Help You Live Better

Updated on January 10, 2017

These days, our life cannot be separated from Smartphone and PC. We use them for working, having fun, communication, and many other. No matter how premium your gadget is, it will be quite useless without the right application or software. If you need app recommendation for Android, this is the right place for it.

iA Writer

If your works deals a lot with note taking or writing, you must install iA Writer. This app is great for more professional users because it is more serious than Evernote. It has simple design and user friendly interface. iA Writer has great features. Some of them are word counts, Markdown support, night mode, and multiple templates. This functional app is powerful. Once you are done with your note, you can export it into Ms Word, PDF, and other formats.

Google Opinion Rewards

If you want to have additional income, you must download Google Opinion Rewards. This app will enable you to earn dollars. But, the money you earned from this app can only be used on Google Play. Therefore, you can save your money while shopping for music, apps, games, and other items on Google Play. To earn this reward, you must fill in a survey for few minutes. In average, you will get a survey a week.


If you have lots and lots of printed photos and want to make digital backup of them, you need PhotoScan. This great app will enable you to scan your printed photos without a scanner. All you need is your Smartphone with this app in it. To scan your photos, you need to open the app and put your camera lens over them. After that, you can move the phone as instructed. Once you successfully scan them, you can edit them. PhotoScan offers you with editing features to minimize glare, enhance the digital image, and crop.

Kitchen Stories

For those who love cooking, Kitchen Stories is a perfect Android app for you. In this app, you can find numerous recipes. With this app, you can find the right recipes that fit to your taste and preference easily. Those recipes are categorized in various categories, such as vegetarian, comfort food, and many others. Once you get a recipe that you like, you can save it in your app. Some of the features in this app are video cooking guides and built-in shopping list.

Fabulous – Motivate Me

Fabulous – Motivate Me is a great app for you who want have better lifestyle or lose weight. This app will assist you to get into a routine which help you to achieve your goal. It will remind you of your routine and give some advice to tackle your difficulties in reaching that goal. This app offers you with various choices of goals. However, there is only one for free. The rest of the goals are locked. You need to pay the monthly subscription fee to access them.

All those great apps are free to download. However, you may need to perform IAP if you need to access more features of each app.


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