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The Best Electronic Gadgets in 2015

Updated on June 20, 2015

Cutting Edge Innovative Gadgets in 2015

Every year there are new electronics with new technology that can either make your life easier or more complex. But in 2015, we are seeing electronic gadgets that most people would never even imagine. When you think about it sometimes technology can completely change the world we live in, whether it be new laws being created to regulate technology, using technology to accomplish a task in a more efficient way, cutting edge technology for surveillance has changed so many things these days as well, and then there are some innovative gadgets in 2015 that can be used just for fun and amusement. This article focuses on some of the best electronic gadgets and most popular electronic toys in 2015.

Drone With Camera Flying In the Sky

Drone's Are The Most Popular Toy in 2015

Drone's are one of those things that we never though would exist, but now we are even seeing news reports that show drones flying around famous monuments, famous bridges, around parks and buildings and its creating a lot of hype and maybe even some concern. One of the most popular drones in 2015 are the quadcopter drones because they are easier to fly, they are super fun to play with and there are a lot of quadcopter drones that come with high definition camera's. Other drones can automatically follow you while doing stunts and record it because you are wearing a bracelet that the drone follows from beside you or above you. Whats really amazing is there are some basic drones that can cost less than $100, and others that are high performance and high definition recording drones that cost over $500. Regardless of what your looking for they are really fun to play with and some of the remote controls can even have an LED screen that shows you what your recording. There are also other types of drones besides the quadcopter drones, there are also helicopter drones, RC drones and of course the drones that automatically follow you.

The Next Generation of Cameras: Soloshot Automatic Follow Camera

The next unique electronic device to hit the market is the Soloshot Camera that is designed to follow you so that you can record your stunts when your mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding or surfing. This is truly a unique device because it has high definition capabilities and it moves smoothly with extreme precision. I remember sitting on the beach for hours with a digital camera trying to get footage of my friend surfing while he was catching a wave, with the Soloshot you can record yourself doing whatever it is you choose to record. There are so many ideas you can come up with when it comes to using a Soloshot for recording, especially if your an active athlete or if you are recording an athlete playing any sport.

Kiteboarding Filmed Automatically by Soloshot

Never Lose Your Keys or Anything Ever Again

Now there is technology that will keep you from losing your keys, wallet, purse, maybe even your dog if he runs away with Tile. A new technology that involves a small chip that can be attached to your key ring, placed in your purse or virtually anywhere else. This chip acts as a tracking device, and when you download the Tile app on your smartphone you can check the app to see where your keys were kept last, or the most recent location of your purse etc. This can be very useful if your someone like me that forgets where you put your keys from time to time.

When you need to search for a lost item, your iPhone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength of your Tile. As the signal draws you closer, Tile's distinctive melody can be heard until you find your lost item. You can also put a tile in your car if you sometimes forget where you parked in a large parking lot. This idea I must say is genius and we all know what it feels like when you lose your keys or your wallet. Very convenient and very affordable.

Tile Item Finder Commercial

The Bestek Multi-Function Jumpstarter USB Power Bank

This external portable battery power bank is one of the best external battery packs you can find. This portable battery charger does more than just charge your cell phone or mobile device when the battery is going low. It comes with 4 different charging ports, 2 of them are USB charging ports, one of them is a 12V charging port, and the last charging port is a 3.5A charging port for charging laptops, lastly this portable USB battery pack also has the ability to jumpstart your car. When your computer or cell phone is running out of battery this portable power bank will charge your phone or your mobile device when you are on the go, and save you from disaster if your ever stranded in your car with a dead battery.

The Bestek portable battery pack carries tons of juice with an output of 10,000 mAh, it also has a powerful L.E.D flashlight on the side just incase you need some light while jumpstarting your car. There are also L.E.D. indicator lights that indicate how much charge is left on the battery. This external USB power bank will fully charge any mobile device in about 3 hours and in addition to the 4 charging ports it also comes with a car adapter, power adapter, a full set of laptop charging adapters, a handy zipper case for housing all the cables and the small battery pack and lastly it even comes with jumper cables that connect to the Bestek external battery power bank to your car battery. Now you would think that this portable battery charger would cost a lot of money, but amazingly enough it comes at a very fair price of only $80, and you can get in on Amazon for around $69. This USB battery pack is more than just a device for charging cell phones and mobile devices, it could save you from a very unpleasant situation like being stranded when your car has a dead battery.

Stop Pet Seperation Anxiety and Talk To Your Pet With PetCube

The Petcube is a new device that allows you to wirelessly watch your pets at home by streaming from your cell phone when your not in your home, and it allows you to talk to your pets to alleviate pet anxiety. This device has gotten great reviews and its a great idea for anyone that is having the problem of pets that get into trouble in the house when your not at home. If your neighbors complain about your dog barking while your at work or school, this could be a great option for you to monitor your dog and talk to them so that they stop barking. I had this problem with my neighbors when I lived in an apartment with a backyard and I realized that my dog was not barking much at all, mostly just sleeping on the couch haha. But if your dog or cat hear your voice, it usually helps to settle them down and therefore this device can stop pet separation anxiety.

Which High-Tech Device Is Most Fascinating To You?

Out of all these devices which electronic invention in 2015 do you think is the most fascinating or useful? Please feel free to share your ideas and preferences in the comments section. If you have any other suggestions for what is the best electronic gadget in 2015 please add to the conversation.


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