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The Best Free Star Wars Android Apps

Updated on January 20, 2013

I can’t help but think that the creator of the smart phone was a Star Wars fan who just wanted to have his own holopad. I mean, come on…ANDROID operating system?!? The Android icon screams R2D2 at first sight. Heck, the whole phone screams Star Wars. That must be why there are so many awesome Star Wars Android apps. As a huge fan of Star Wars myself, I’ve downloaded more free Star Wars Android apps than I care to count. Some turned out great, some were duds. Some had so much spam and advertisements they were deleted immediately. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite free Star Wars Android apps…I think you’ll find that if you are a fan of Star Wars…these are the droids you were looking for….

Star Wars SFX by Bordem Entertainment

There are many Android apps that boast a variety of sound effects, some focusing on just one character, like Chewbacca, and others portraying a more varied look at the whole Star Wars universe. None compare to the sounds and versatility of Star Wars SFX. This soundboard features over 80 sound effects from the Star Wars movies, and each of the sounds can also be set as a ring tone or notification on your phone by just simple press and hold action. Yes, imagine, you can hear R2D2’s endearing little tweet every time you receive a text.

Star Wars Geek? by FunFactoryApps

There is no reason to download the Star Wars Geek app except to answer the ultimate question…”How do you know if you’re a Star Wars Geek?” This app is hysterical. Users can scroll through at least 300 statements that will make any fan of Star Wars giggle. The app includes statements such as: “You know you’re a Star Wars Geek when you pass out while trying to move a pencil across the desk with the Force” or “You know you’re a Star Wars geek when you unsuccessfully get the last cheerio in the bowl and instinctively mutter, ‘the Force is strong in this one.’” Some of the things are definitely off color and for adult eyes only, but besides that, the app is great. FunFactoryApps also has another free Android app called Star Wars Lessons that is just as amusing once the geekside gets to be boring.

Star Wars 21 Clock Set 2x2 – Factory Widget

This is actually a free clock widget that allows the user to put a 2 square by 2 square Star Wars clock on their home screen. The user has the choice of 21 clocks with various Star Wars characters ranging from R2D2 to Mace Windu. It’s a fun way to put a clock on your phone.

Android Lightsaber by Eder Reuda Fernandes

A list of the best free Star Wars Android Apps wouldn’t be complete without including the Android LightSaber. The Google Play Store boasts many different lightsaber apps. Most of them are pretty much the same. You move your phone and it makes the clashing and swinging sounds of wielding a real lightsaber. What sets this app above the rest are two things: the lack of intrusive advertisements and variety of choices. With the Android Lightsaber the user can choose their hilt, lightsaber color, and character.

Angry Birds Star Wars by Rovio Mobile Ltd.

Rovio takes their Angry Birds franchise to a new level with Angry Birds Star Wars. This game is the best Angry Birds game yet. It gives players the opportunity to yield blasters and lightsabers to destroy Pigtroopers in classic Star Wars locations like Tatooine and Hoth. Both Star Wars and Angry Birds fans can enjoy hours of fun knocking those evil pigtroopers off into the atmosphere.

So there they are…the best Free Star Wars Android apps. If you know of any others please feel free to share in the comments below, and as one holopad owner to another…may the force be with you.


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