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The Best GoPro Accessories and Mounts To Buy For Your GoPro Hero

Updated on January 3, 2017

Smallest HD Camera Ever

GoPro Hero In Washing Machine

A Different GoPro Mount For Each Activity

The Go Pro Hero is an incredible camera that can capture amazing moments both at normal speeds and at high speed, whether your skydiving in the sky, driving a fast race car, or scuba diving under water. The GoPro is one of those amazing cameras that literally has been thrown into a washing machine or gone through a drive through car wash, just to prove how waterproof and indestructible it can be.

People use GoPro's for scuba diving, selfies, test drives, surfing and so much more. In fact, a lot of motocross athletes use Gopro's when they are riding and all they have to do is snap the GoPro camera onto the top of their helmet or they can get a GoPro Chest strap and strap it to their chest to record everything in front of them which is a lot of fun. But for people like me, I mostly just use my GoPro for driving videos in my car and I stick the GoPro on the roof and I can go up to 150 mph without the GoPro falling off the roof with a GoPro Suction Cup Mount. It truly is a great camera that is one of a kind, there is nothing like it.

The GoPro HeadStrap - Best Way to Record When Doing Sports

One of the best ways to get a POV (Point of view) recording is to have GoPro Headstrap, it makes is very easy to record HQ video with no effort, additionally you are easily able to record everything that you look at. This is one of my favorite ways to record video with a GoPro Hero4, but I also like to record with the GoPro Suction Cup because its very convenient if you are driving a car.

The GoPro Chest Strap - Perfect For Extreme Sports

The best type of camera for extreme sports is the GoPro, and the best camera accessories for extreme sports is the chest strap because it will always stay with you. If you snowboard, mountain bike or if you ride a dirt bike, this is the perfect camera and camera accessory for you.

The reason why I say the chest strap is perfect for extreme sports is because it is always strapped on and it makes it absolutely effortless when it comes to recording intense moments that require high velocity and guess what you can even go skydiving with these cameras and chest straps without worrying about a thing. The GoPro chest strap will never let it slip away and you can be sure that your gonna get some really good video. I have also used this for test drives so that I can see the speedometer and RPM's on my car while I am driving it, you've probably seen a lot of youtube videos like that, and guess what. They are using a chesty to record the speedometer while driving.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount - Best Way To Record A Test Drive

There are lots of ways to use the GoPro Suction cup mount but one of my favorite things to do with a GoPro Suction cup mount is to do test drives with them in nice cars or even just to record nice scenery when your driving in the mountains or near the beach. The cool thing about the suction cup mount is that it can withstand speeds of more than 120 miles per hour on the outside. Its also worth mentioning that you can put it on the roof of your car, on the side of your car, on your windshield, inside your windshield and you can can even put it on the back of your car bumper to record exhaust sounds. These are some of my main reasons why this is my favorite mount for the GoPro.

In fact some people even even put the Suction cup on the roof of their car and drive through a car wash just to show how waterproof it is and how strong the suction cup is. Other people that do water sports will put the suction cup on their surfboard, boat or jet ski. So this is one GoPro accessories that can be a lot of fun and record a lot of great memories.


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