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The Best Goal Tracking Tools Online

Updated on October 30, 2012

One of the easiest ways that you can feel more calm, in control and happy with your life is to regularly set goals for yourself. These goals may be related to specific projects, be about work in general or have something to do with a personal aspect of your life such as fitness or education. Although most of us do know how to sit down and identify our goals, a number of us have difficulty with making goals measurable and then tracking those goals to see that we're making progress. Those people who are successful not only at setting goals but also at monitoring their goals are the people who are most likely to achieve the things that they set out to do in their lives.

One of the ways that you can start to get a better grasp on tracking your goals is to make use of the online goal tracking tools that are available on the market today. Many of these tools can be downloaded or used online for free so there's no harm in at least trying them out. Each one offers different features to make it appealing to some users and not to others so the key is to make sure you find one that lays things out and tracks them in a way that makes sense to you.

Here is a closer look at some of the best online goal tracking tools that are currently available:

  • Joe's Goals. This is a really simple online goal tracking tool that allows you to start tracking your goals immediately without requiring you to download anything. The main feature of this product that differs from others is that it's designed much like a social networking site (like MySpace or Facebook) so that you can share your goals with your friends if you want. This may help you track goals in groups or just encourage you to be more active in meeting your goals since you know that other people might be watching.
  • This site has different channels ranging from personal finance to education to finance to relationships. You choose a channel and get online support in setting and achieving your goals.
  • MyStart Online Tool. For people whose goals are in the area of health and fitness, this is a good online tool. For it to be effective, you have to log in each day and report on the foods that you ate and the exercise that you participated in. You can set goals in these areas but more importantly, you can see the results through weekly summaries of the information that you've entered into the site. You'll also get reminders to get going again if you've started being inactive.
  • MySpendingPlan. People who are seeking to do online tracking in the area of financial goals have a lot of options available to them but this is one of the better ones. You create and track a budget and savings plan and can integrate your billing information into the plan to make all of your financial activity centered in this one location.
  • Remember the Milk. This is more of a general task management tool but it can also be used to set and track your goals. People that want to input a lot of goals, as though they were making a To Do List and then want to see those goals being achieved can greatly benefit from using this sort of online tool to get themselves organized.
  • My Life Organized. This is a program that's very similar to Remember the Milk but which has a lot more complexity to its design. If you find that you really like setting and tracking goals and want to get more involved with doing it in a detailed way, you might consider using this kind of tool.
  • LiquidPlanner. This is more of a remote collaboration tool than it is a goal tracking tool but it can be used to track goals. The great thing about it is that it specifically designed to track the goals of group projects so you can add other people in to your plan at any time and start tracking the goals that you're setting together. If, for example, you go running with your best friend then you might have a project on this system which lets you both track your fitness progress together. You might open another project that allows your spouse to set and track financial goals with you. You may be planning a family reunion and want to invite everyone to that project to track the various tasks that need to be done on it. And you may have some private goals that only you can access.

There are many different ways to track your goals and many different tools out there to assist you in doing it. It may take some time to find the method that works best for you. However, that time is probably worth the effort it requires. You'll be more organized and more likely to achieve what you want to achieve in your life. That leads to a calmer, happier you. What effort isn't worth that?!


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  • profile image

    Frankfurt Residence 

    7 years ago

    Looks like your site is getting a lot of visitors.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hi Kathyn,

    We have just launched a website called Solid Goals. Its a social goal setting/sharing website. We have made it our mission to make goal setting a simple, easy process.

    Each time you set a goal you have the option to break it down further into manageable milestones which can be ticked off as you work toward achieving your goal.

    Take a look and see what you think:

  • AllieRambles profile image


    8 years ago from Bay Area, California


    I just wrote a post on my blog today about goals so these tools will help me quite a bit! I didn't even know they existed. Thank You!


  • profile image

    business goals 

    8 years ago from Tampa, FL has got a free non-profit goal software.

  • Kind Regards profile image

    Kind Regards 

    8 years ago from Missouri Ozarks - Table Rock Lake

    Kathryn Vercillo, I like it when you wrote, "Those people who are successful not only at setting goals but also at monitoring their goals are the people who are most likely to achieve the things that they set out to do in their lives."

    You suggested using online goal tracking tools. A cute and fun one I like is my Savings Tracker that I created at to put on my blog. One of the simple ones I use is a Firefox add-on that is merely a pop-up notepad that allows me to keep constant updates. Not very elaborate nor is it specifically geared toward tracking goals, so I do look forward to checking out the ones in your list. And thanks to all who commented adding their own suggestions.

    Funny, how I found your Hub. I added an UPDATE to an old Hub of mine that's about Goals. I stated my two goals in it nearly a year ago. I just went to it and added that I had accomplished the first goal. I decided to add a List of Links to it and your Hub came up in the search, so I added it to my Hub. Great Hub and I'm glad it's in my list. Kind Regards

  • profile image

    Achieve Goals 

    8 years ago

    Hey Kathryn, it is really interesting to see what is out there. We are also also launching a tool at The site is just a beta release but we would love to hear your feedback. It too is totally free.



  • MakeMoneyGoal profile image

    James Flynn 

    9 years ago from Edinburgh

    Nice article Kathryn. Maybe you could bring it more up to date now as I know of a few that arent on here.

    We are launching a new one called Goals On Target over at i the next few weeks. Its free and you can even make money by using it kind of like Hub Pages.

    Have a look if you like.



  • Goal Setting profile image

    Goal Setting 

    9 years ago from British Columbia

    Thanks for the list Kathryn,

    I'd only heard of a couple of them.

    I use a time management tool called Time&Chaos which is as great as its name. It's much like Outlook but is easier to use and seems to fit a goal setting mindset really well.

  • profile image


    9 years ago is another goal tracking tool that's really simple and intuitive:

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    My favorite site is Disciplanner, it's done wonders for me, I've been able to track my weight loss and gym workouts.

  • ciidoctor profile image


    9 years ago

    again anice hub thank you i hope i can write hubs as good as you.

  • profile image


    9 years ago is also a good site that I'm using.

  • getting there profile image

    getting there 

    9 years ago

    A great resource. I added a link to this in my hub.


  • profile image

    Ed - Business Goals Setting 

    10 years ago

    Nice hub! As a long-time personal development nut myself, it's always nice to find great content like this. I have never used software for my own goals setting, but your hub has me very interested. Virtually all successful high-performance people are very disciplined and goal-oriented. Add self-discipline, well-defined goals, massive action, and persistence and you have the foundation for a very successful life. Thanks for your great research.

  • profile image

    Harry Che 

    10 years ago

    Great artcile! You may also try this new free web app called, a very cool website that helps you track goals, todo lists and manage time etc.

  • Paul Edmondson profile image

    Paul Edmondson 

    11 years ago from Burlingame, CA

    Thanks for taking the time to make the list. Since we switched to google mail from outlook, I've been without a list tracker. What I really want is one that works with google mail, but I haven't been able to find that.

    I might try Joe's Goals.


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