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The Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Updated on November 30, 2013

When you want to find the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, we can help you find one that matches your style, as well as your lifestyle.;

Choosing the Best Samung Galaxy S4 Case for Your Needs

You are holding your brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 in your hand. It's smooth, streamlined exterior looks amazing, it's surprisingly light weight hiding the power underneath it's sleek case.

But then you start to worry, a small scratch could ruin the perfect symmetry of your beautiful new device. And what if God forbid, the screen cracked? Sure, it would be nice to think that insurance would solve all your problems, but lost settings, contacts and pictures can't be replaced by a warranty.

Fortunately, just by buying a Galaxy S4 cover you can protect your phone, and best of all, it costs just a few dollars to get a smart phone cover that suits your style, and can save your phone from serious damage.

Important Info on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

There are some variations to the Samsung Galaxy S4 that may have slight physical variations to other models. Please make sure you are looking at a case that will fit your phone!

If you are from the UK, please visit this list for some great UK Galaxy S4 Cases!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Leather Flip Case
Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Leather Flip Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Leather Flip Case

When it comes to adding a little executive style to your smart phone, nothing beats a sleek leather case. A black leather flip case looks amazing, and professional, but it also adds a great layer of protection to your phone.

Leather by it's very nature is tough and yet still contains that cushion to help prevent a sharp knock from damaging the interior of your S4.

The flip cover also protects your screen, Which is something that a lot of other Galaxy S4 covers don't really do that well. This is perfect for the businessman on the move, who might be more prone to sharp knocks hitting their pocket! The glass on the Galaxy S4 is very tough, but it is not indestructible.

Brown tanned leather Galaxy S4 cover
Brown tanned leather Galaxy S4 cover

Tanned Leather Galaxy S4 Cover

Similar to the black leather Samsung Galaxy S4 covers, the tanned leather Galaxy S4 is a fantastic mix of elegance and phone protection. Looking even better in tan (in my opinion) the tanned leather S4 case is perfect for businessmen and casual users alike.

Honestly though, for most people the choice of tan or black leather for their phone's cover is simply down to personal style. If you already know you want a leather S4 cover, then your choice boils down to color.

If you buy a tan leather Galaxy S4 case you can look forward to having a good looking but tough cover for your S4 for the rest of your phones lifespan!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Silicone Case
Samsung Galaxy S4 Silicone Case

Silicone Galaxy S4 Cases

A silicone Galaxy S4 case is a great way to protect your phone, without breaking the bank. Silicone S4 cases might be cheaper in price, but the silicone material is perfect for protecting your phone from bumps and case scratches.

They usually also normally raise just a little higher than your screen height, protecting it from drops.

Due to the nature of silicone cases you can also get them in nearly any color or pattern you desire, so you can show off your personal flair and protect your phone for around $10.

Whilst silicone covers are great for phone protection, they are limited, and will not protect from really sharp objects ,and may leave your phone's screen exposed to items in your pockets (keys etc).

Plastic Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Plastic cases are some of the cheapest Galaxy S4 cases you can buy, and though they can be printed with nearly any color or pattern at incredibly low cost, the patterns are generally prone to wear off after use. Plastic S4 cases are also a little more prone to cracking and scratches.

Despite this, their low cost and ability to protect your phone against harder knocks than silicone cases can make them the perfect solution for someone who likes to regularly change up the look of their phone.

Plastic phone covers might not be great for executives, but they do have their place!

One way of bypassing some of the plastic cases limitations is to find a cover that combines silicone and plastic together to offer dual protection for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Carbon Fiber Case
Samsung Galaxy S4 Carbon Fiber Case

Carbon Fiber Galaxy S4 Case

Want a light, strong and durable case for you Galaxy S4? A carbon fiber S4 case could be just what you are looking for. Carbon Fiber is as strong as it is light, and though the price tag might be a little steeper, It looks great, and provides amazing protection.

The slightly tech look is perfect for those of us who look to the future, and with it's looks and performance, this is one of the best choices for people who like their phone to look good, and protect their phone from the hardest of knocks.

The only real downside is that carbon fiber Galaxy S2 cases can be a little more pricey than other cases, but for the value they deliver, it is well worth the cost.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Otterbox Case

The ultimate in smart phone protection, by far the best Samsung Galaxy S4 case type is the Otterbox. Otterbox cases provide multiple layers of protection to vastly reduce the chances of accidental damage.

Otterbox cases come with a softer inner layer of silicone or rubber padding on the inside, which protects against drops and knocks. On the outside they come with a harder plastic exterior, which can deflect the harder damage, or damage from sharp objects, that silicone by itself cannot protect against.

Of course, this protection does come at a cost, and not just the price. Otterbox cases tend to be bulkier and heavier than nearly every other kind of case out there, this can be a little off-putting to those who looked for slimness and lightness in their smart phone purchase.

What Kind of Samsung Galaxy S4 Case are you Going to Buy?

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    • Susan Recipes profile image


      4 years ago from India

      Wow... Great hub on Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. Thanks for sharing.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      4 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Good review of Samsung cases.


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