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The Best Way To Get Followers On Twitter

Updated on November 15, 2013

I’ll give you tips on finding people to follow and in turn get more subscribers to your Twitter feed.

Following everyone that follows you doesn’t make sense. If I’m not interested in what a person has to say or I don’t have anything in common I see no reason to follow them simply because they clicked on my follow button.

We all have different taste in what we want to hear and clogging up my Twitter feed with septic cleaners, plastic surgeons or people selling vinyl siding is taking up valuable space for those people I genuinely have an interest in reading.

It also gives people the wrong impression. For instance, if I follow a few people that sell toupees and other Tweeters see my interest in male replacement hairpieces it leads many to believe I must purchase a lot of man rugs or I simply have a thing for bald guys. See how this can lead people down the wrong marketing path?

So, for this reason, I only follow people who say things I want to read, have products I like or have a platform I agree with.

This goes both ways. If someone isn’t interested in my tweets I’m sure they eventually delete me from their list unless they don’t read anyone’s work and are only concerned with people listening to them. I’m sure there is a lot of talking and non-listening going on at Twitter but personally I use it as a tool for learning information as well as marketing my writing skills and socializing.

There are tricks to getting large amounts of people to follow but I haven’t tried any of them because from what I’ve read you can’t filter out the ones who don’t have common interests. I believe quality is better than quantity. Just because a person is subscribed doesn't mean they read what you have to say and that is our goal.

Hash tags

This is what they call the pound sign "#". It is used the same way as keywords here in HubPages or other writing sites. When you put that symbol in front of a word that will come up in a search on Twitter as well as other search engines. Use it when you post article or blogs to help increase traffic.

How I get Twitter followers:

Here’s what I do when I have a bit of time. I put in a search for keywords on Twitter for subjects I’m interested in. For instance one day I put in a search for healthy food. This pulled up many people discussing and tweeting about recipes and blogs I might like to read. I followed several people from this list and in a short period of time I had about a couple dozen people following me. From those followers, I’ve gotten several more over the next few days. I think this method is much better than randomly following members with no common interest.

You can put in words that have to do with your recent articles or blogs to see who is talking about this subject. I think this is the best way because when you follow people they will pull up your profile, it will show your latest tweets and if you are being a good Tweeter you’ll have a link to your latest blog or article which will be relevant to the search word(s). They’ll see you have fishing tackle (or whatever) in common and they’ll more than likely follow you back.

This not only gives you new people to subscribe to but also lets us know what other people are saying about this topic as well as give us ideas for our next writing project.

You can spend hours doing searches and one tweet will lead you to more people and before you know it you’ve added many new people you’ll enjoy reading and meeting. Just be careful, Cheeky Girl said there is a one hundred person per day limit you are allowed to add. That’s a lot of people so it would take a while to go over.

Another way to find new subscribers is to look at names in your Twitter feed with an “@” symbol before them. This is a comment to Tweeters you might be interested in following. Read the comment, click on their profile, read their description and see what they have to say.

Follow Friday

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter you’ve probably noticed people talking about this. Different Tweeters post names of friends with a pound sign or hashtag before their name: “#”. This tells others they value this individual’s comments and is helping them get more people to follow them. I’ve picked up a few new ones this way and friends will often help each other out so pay extra attention on Fridays. Again, if you follow them they are more likely to reciprocate.

Tricky Tweeters

Be aware that some people follow you to get you to follow them back and then later delete you from their list after you add them. So when you get a person who has nothing what so ever in common with you sending out a notice, they are probably one of those type people. Don’t assume you’ll keep a follower just because they added you.

Don’t pay anyone to get tweets.

With a little time and using the techniques I’ve given here you can acquire your own followers without paying anyone a fee. From what I’ve heard many of these are scams so pocket your money and do it yourself.

Fake people and prostitutes

You'll get spammers and all manner of unsavory characters on Twitter. They are trying to clean things up and if you report them by clicking the spam button this helps Twitter clear out the bad eggs.

You can usually tell the sex workers by their email account which will have something sexual in the link.

Some erotica writers have similar emails but you can tell the difference. Authors will usually talk about their book and writing.


People often will post a humorous or witty quote someone else posted. If you like what that person had to say look at the words "retweeted by". After this you'll see the person's name. It won't look like a hot link but if you put your cursor over their name it will light up and you can click on it.

Read their bio and other comments, if you like what you see, click on the "follow" button.

Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs

These guys say, “I’m an entrepreneur and I’ve started a multi-million dollar business (or two).” Really? If so why have I never heard of you or either of your companies? I don’t follow these guys. Even if they are telling me the truth, this only lets me know they are braggers and gives me no information about their platform. How did you make your money? What exactly is it that you do besides con people making them think you have a secret to making millions? And of course you have to buy their book or pay to attend their e-seminar to get these secrets. It's usually a pyramid scam.

Simply telling me you’ve made a bundle of the green stuff doesn’t make me want to follow you and no, I’m not going to buy your book. Thank you very much.


I also don’t follow people just because they are famous. Most celebrities have nothing to say I want to hear and they don’t typically refollow because they are only interested in being heard. They make their living reading words a writer wrote, singing songs or playing games; this doesn’t make them interesting to listen to.

There are a few famous people I follow because they are my friends, entertaining or informative but Charlie Sheen and Lady Ga Ga are not on my list.

People I’m most apt to follow:

Writers- I don’t even have to be interested in what they write (providing it’s not a “how to be a millionaire” book). Most people who write for a living are going to be good at putting words together and often have interesting things to say even if I don’t dig their genre.

Writers tend to know about the latest in publishing and marketing techniques so they will typically have ideas I want to read.

Publishers, agents and editors- For obvious reasons I’m very interested in what any of these people have to say.

Foodies- I love to cook and collect good recipes so if a person has a food website I’ll usually follow them.

Comedians and funny people- I love to laugh so any humorists out there usually have my vote.

Give me your Twitter link-

In the comments box below leave me your Twitter address and I’ll check out your profile. If you are a writer I’ll add you just because, if not add it anyway and I still might add you. Even though this article sounds like I’m picky, I read a wide range of things so you just might be someone I’d like to talk to.


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