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The Best Way To Write An Engaging Sewing Tutorial

Updated on December 26, 2016

For those of you that love to show off your sewing patterns, blogging can be a very effective way to reach your core audience, yet many struggle to gain traction with their blog. According to WorldOMeters over 3.7 million blogs posts are written each day! Trying to make a dent in this massive ecosystem our world has created can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of tips for writing an engaging sewing blog or tutorial to get more bookmarks, more likes, more shares, and of course most importantly more fans & more engagement. After all, why start a blog that one one likes?


  1. Be detailed and descriptive, but keep it simple.
  2. Use plenty of images or videos
  3. Make it Fun, Interesting, Compelling

Be Compelling

I’ve seen a lot of different sewing and craft tutorials over the years and the ones that do the best are almost always simple and fun. The author of the popular sewing blog SewCanShe recommends avoiding any tutorial that has too many intricate details or is too obscure a design. For example, she goes on to explain that one of her fans submitted a tutorial of how to craft a custom toilet paper roll cover. Can you imagine? Although there are probably a select few individuals that would find this tutorial fascinating the average arts and crafts person won’t be as excited. Share designs that more people will want to use. If only 100 people in the world are interested, good luck getting all 100 people to see your blog post.

Include pictures, and easy to understand instructions.
Include pictures, and easy to understand instructions.

Provide All the Information Needed to Get it Done Right, the First Time

This may sound simple but many bloggers in a rush to push out their new content fail to remember this important detail. You have to remember that although you may be able to sew this design in your sleep your audience may not. As tedious as it may seem to take the time to go over each step and tip of your sewing process in detail. It can also be very helpful to include pictures from awkward angles so that your fans can see what you are writing about. Some of the best sewing blogs I’ve seen will even go as far as to mention the exact sewing machine model they are using to craft their designs. If you aren’t sure what sewing machine you have, check out sewing machine stores for a full list of makes and models. Don’t forget to mention the kind of stitching you are using as well, and keep in mind not everyone will have all of them.


Leverage of the Power of Visual Storytelling

For a newbie trying to sew can be a daunting task and if your tutorial seems remotely complicated they are likely to bail. Keep your blog visitors engaged by offering an introductory video explaining what it is you will be teaching them (and why it’s so awesome). Don’t stop there, you can also include numerous images of your sewing design along the blog. Or trun your blog into a vlog, and include video tutorials for to help those who are new to sewing and use the extra hand holding. One of my favorite sewing blogs is Oonaballoona by Marcy Harriel. If you’ve never heard of her you should check out all the beautiful visuals she uses on her blog. I swear everything she sews or designs is so beautiful and brightly colored. Marcy is also brave enough to flaunt her new sewing creations with several lifestyle picturesque photos of herself wearing the clothing. I’m not saying you need to turn your blog into a sewing model but it never hurts to humanize the sewing design you are promoting.

Collaborate With a Guest Blogger

These days everyone is trying to build their personal brand using Facebook fan pages, podcasts, public speaking events, and of course blogs/vlogs. If you invite another sewing blogger to collaborate on a new design & tutorial most of them will say yes. Best of all your content will go much further, especially if you team up with a more established sewing blogger. Who knows, you might learn some pro tips along the way and make some new connections!

© 2016 Matt


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