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The Best Ways On How To Clean a Laptop Screen...And Never Have To Clean It Again.

Updated on September 10, 2009

The Best Ways On How To Clean a Laptop Screen...And Never Have To Clean It Again.

So you are having problems viewing the images on your laptop. This can be due to your many times of eating in front of the screen during your favorite movie or the last time you decided to sing along to Celine Dion's album. That is lame...sorry you are average. After these times of laptop personal company, you will start to notice that there will be dirt that has started to build on your screen. What are you going to do about this mess? Can you even touch the screen to clean it. I will now tell you of the best ways on how to clean a laptop screen. After this lesson you will be able to clean your laptop screen without an hassles.

Here are ways on how to clean a laptop screen:

  • Use a little spit. Try to not swallow for about 2 minutes. This will build up the saliva in your mouth. After the saliva has been brewing for a few minutes, spit into a dusting cloth--or you can just spit directly on the screen. After you have spit on the screen or cloth, start rubbing away. Hopefully your breath is bad enough that it will dissolve the crap off the screen.
  • Lemon and water. Go into your kitchen and open the fridge. Go into the fruit basin and pull out two lemons. I want you to cut those lemons in half. After you have halved the lemons, squeeze out the juice into a bowl. After you have the lemon juice, dilute the strength of the lemon by adding a tablespoon of water. Take that trusty dust cloth and dip it into the solution. Start rubbing off the crap from your screen.
  • Windex. Go into you closet and pullout the Windex. Spray on you screen and wipe off. It is pretty similar to cleaning a window. Make sure you do not over spray the laptop. You might destroy the hard drive. Be careful.
  • Rubbing Alcohol. Same thing as above...but with rubbing alcohol.

Here is a little secret. If you never want to clean a laptop screen ever again, just cover the screen with something clear. You can use Saran Wrap or Masking Tape. This will ensure that your laptop will remain clean for...ever.

These were the best ways on how to clean a laptop screen. Do not cover your laptop with too many liquids because wet laptop usually stop working. This would be unfortunate if you keep your life on it. Overall a clean laptop is a happy user. Keep your laptop clean.


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