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The Best iPhone 5S Cases

Updated on December 6, 2013

The iPhone 5S is one of the most beautiful smart phones on the market, but with glass both front and back, it's fragile and easily smashed. The Best iPhone 5S Cases can help you protect in style!

Choosing the Best iPhone 5S Case for Your Lifestyle

The iPhone 5S is the ultimate smart phone for any lifestyle. It's beautiful looks masking a powerful interior make it the ideal accessory for anyone, whether you want to look good, or work on the go.

Small enough to unobtrusively fit in your pocket, but able to handle all your smart phone needs, the iPhone 5S is amazing. But it does have a downside. Those beautiful looks are encased in a dual layer of glass, that can easily be smashed.

The good news is we have some of the best iPhone 5S cases right here to help you find a protective case that will keep your iPhone safe, suit your lifestyle, and look good.

A Little Info on the iPhone 5S?

The iPhone 5S was one of the hottest gadgets of 2013. it's looks, speed and power propelled it to the top of many a list, and it's performance kept it there. Whether you were drawn to it's glass finish, finely tuned curves or it's clear bright display, we know the iPhone 5S has an attraction that is simply irresistible

For al you UK shoppers by the way, you can find your UK iPhone 5S Cases Here!.

Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5S
Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S Leather Flip Case

The iPhone 5S is a great executive smart phone, so why would you want to tarnish the smooth look with a rubber case?

Easily one of the best iPhone 5S cases, a leather flip case can help protect your phone from damage, but keep the style you fell in love with when you bought the phone.

The benefits of a leather flip case don't stop at style though. Leather cases are great at protecting your phone from both hard drops and sharp impacts, both common causes of iPhone damage. They are also seriously long lasting, and a good iPhone 5S leather case can easily last for the lifespan of your phone!

Brown Tan Leather iPhone 5S Case
Brown Tan Leather iPhone 5S Case

Tan Brown Leather iPhone 5S Case

The iPhone 5S leather flip case might be pretty good, but when it comes to luxury, it's hard to beat the sheer elegance of an iPhone 5S tan leather case for your smart phone.

Tan is just as hard wearing and tough as black leather, and doesn't show off scuffs or scratches anywhere near as badly. For most people the choice between black and tan is purely aesthetic. Some people simply prefer one over the other. Some people might do it to match their wardrobe, and choose a phone that matches their belt and shoes.

Whilst a brown tan leather case might not be for everyone, it's style can look great in nearly anyone's hand!

One thing to remember is that leather cases can be bulky compared to other iPhone cases. You can get thin leather cases for your phone, but some might be up to two millimeters thick, which will almost double the depth of your iPhone!

iPhone 5S silicone case
iPhone 5S silicone case

iPhone 5S Silicone Case

Silicone iPhone cases as perfect for those who need just a little protection against accidental drops and knocks and don't want to spend much money on phone protection. Silicone iPhone 5S cases are fairly cheap, can come in nearly any color, and give your phone that little extra bounce that it needs to survive that drop that would otherwise spiderweb your screen.

iPhone 5S cases are durable, long lasting and though they don't look as stylish as a leather case, they can still look great, and you can choose a color to match your style.

Silicone cases are great for helping your phone survive drops, and sharp knocks, unfortunately due to their soft nature that are not that great at stopping pressure focused on a single small point.

iPhone 5S carbon fiber case
iPhone 5S carbon fiber case

Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 5S

It's hard to get slim, light and tough in to a single iPhone case. Fortunately carbon fiber delivers, providing smart phone protection, without adding much to the bulk or weight of your iPhone.

A carbon fiber iPhone 5S case can protect against most kinds of damage, although many offer little shock protection that could damage internal components. Nevertheless, the good looking carbon fiber exterior combined with it's intrinsic properties make it a fantastic choice to protect your iPhone 5S

Plastic iPhone 5S case
Plastic iPhone 5S case

Plastic iPhone 5S cases

Plastic iPhone cases are cheap, fragile, and don't offer great protection for your phone. However, it;s not all bad. The fact that they are cheap makes them easy to replace if they crack, andit also means you can change them regularly if you want a new design or pattern for your phone.

Since plastic iPhone 5S cases can be printed on, the number of patterns and designs to choose form are nearly unlimited, You might want a zebra pattern, or your favorite quote, there is a good chance that it's out there somewhere!

Because these cases are one of the weakest on this list, they are not really recommended for people who lead active lives, where the phone could easily be exposed to damage. If you live a more sedate lifestyle however, this could be the phone case for you.

iPhone 5S Otterbox Case

When you need real protection for your iPhone 5S nothing is more secure than Otterbox. An Otterbox iPhone 5S case generally comes with two to three layers of protect, ensuring that whether your phone is drop, knocked or scratched, it will survive.

Otterboxes combine the outside protection of plastic or carbon fiber to guard against sharp object, and an inner silicone layer that helps protect your phone from a jolt that could dislodge internal components.

Whilst Otterbox cases are generally more expensive than regular iPhone cases, they are by far the best iPhone 5S case for protecting your phone from damage.

What Kind of iPhone 5S case are You Going to Buy?

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