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The Case of The Nokia E7 Case

Updated on December 9, 2011
CC-3009 in packaging
CC-3009 in packaging
E7 with case fitted
E7 with case fitted

The Nokia E7 'Case' Continues

About 3 weeks ago, I wrote a review of a Silicone case I bought for my Nokia E7,

the reason for the purchase was to make the phone, which I love, a little less slippy !!

I've never been a fan of any kind of phone case or cover, I'm a bit of a geek, and tend to buy products I like, and so don't really want to cover them up ! Although the case I bought, Fitted quite well, and did actually do what I wanted it to do, make the slippy aluminium structure of the E7 less sliipery in the hand and more stable on a desk or table, as well as giving the camera lens and the rear mounted speaker, a little clearance, I've found the drawbacks of the silicone case more frustrating than the benefits !!

Aesthetically, I really don't like it, and I don't really appreciate the extra 'bulk' either, but the real killer, is the fact that both the camera button and even worse , the menu button are made very difficult, and at times almost impossible, to operate, which obviously is a major drawback ? I even turned the top section of the two part cover upsidedown, as this left a thinner piece of silicone over the menu button, and reduced the huge amount of pressure required for it to function . I persisted with using the phone with the silicone case for three weeks and have finally given up , it simply doesn't work for me !!

As a result of this, and still having the issue of the phone potentially flying out of my hand or shooting accross a desk or table, I needed to find an alternaive solution, and luckily read this article by Steve Litchfield at All About Symbian

and as it appeared to be a better compromise, and didn't appear to impede the functionality of the E7 in any way, whilst still solving all my problems :) I decided to buy one and try it. After a quick Google search I found the Nokia Hard Cover CC-3009 at for £12.99 which although not 'cheap' was a good saving on the Nokia retail price, and as it was a genuine Nokia accessory, thought I'd give it a go !

So today, after waiting 5 days for the delivery to arrive, I found a package on my doormat and the new cover had arrived :-D

It really seems to be the answer to my issues, and probably proves the adage 'you get what you pay for' !! The case fit's perfectly, and as it says in the 'professional' review, by Mr Litchfield, it doesn't impede the operation of the E7 in any way whatsoever. It obviously adds a little bulk, but this is more than compensated for, by the ability to easily operate all the buttons on the phone and the slide mechanism as they were intended . Plus the fit and cut outs, for the camera lens, speaker, and buttons on either side of the handset are perfect. Oh ! And the 'leather smell' mentioned in Steve's review, is probably due to the fact the packaging from Nokia states it's 'real leather', don't know if that's just the black and grey stripes on the case or the main structure itself ? But the whole package wreaks of quality,and fits well and easily


I am hoping this is the 'final solution' as I'm not in the habit of spending on 'accessories' both because I prefer my phones 'naked' and also because I'm a bit tight ! Lol

I would certainly recommend the Nokia CC-3009 and find it the most acceptable case I've tried, and if I ever post anything else on the web, I'll try to make it a little more interesting, and hopefully entertaining. If you've read this far, thanks, if you left half way, I'm talking to myself !!!


Stephen Quin!/stephenquin58

Just a quick update/footnote to say that I have never removed the case from my E7 since I fitted it, and that it has done exactly what I had hoped it would, the phone feels more secure in the hand and on a flat surface, the camera lense is protected and on the one occasion I dropped the phone it was unscathed , oh ! And I'm editing the post on it now with no limitations on any of it's functionality ;)


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