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The "De-Risking" of Capitalism and Creation of Zombie-Consumers: Bitcoin crypto-currency

Updated on February 11, 2015

In Cryptography We Trust

On the eve of the resumption 5th season of "Walking Dead"

While I am a fan of the show 'The Walking Dead', I do think that "Art imitating LIFE", could be a bad sign and a worse idea - as inspiration in the financial or business world. But, like a zombie that is hungry for "More Brains" why should we allow the existence of parasitic finance and business models that are predatory by their fundamental nature?. (Seeking a "percentage" or "their cut" for merely being a middleman.) Why would we support or endorse a financial system that does not allow a hardworking man or woman (with a workable idea, or needed service-) to easily finance or grow that idea and create a successful business? Are there new financial alternatives on the rise?... Worse, why should classic financial institutions drive a small business "underground" to avoid heavy taxing, or other financial penalties, for basic existence as an honest business? Why create an entirely unsustainable and cannibalistic financial culture? Why encourage an outmoded financial system with proven record of failure and a bloated fee-based system, while simultaneously discouraging potentially successful, lighter, and more agile new financial systems?

Because it is GOOD FOR THE MANAGERS (Our "Leaders") AT THE TOP?... What is a "leader" exactly? And when did financial "leadership" in America equate to NOT CARING about outcomes for the general population?

I would think that "leadership" is a bit more than answering to stock-holders? And if that is NOT the current paradigm in corporate America... it could be about to change- with a shift in consciously chosen values.

Why "Leaders" eat last

Would the REAL zombie please step forward? Consumers

What is "Real" personal or financial security? Does it even exist?

"Who-ever shall give up freedom for security shall have neither" [Benjamin Franklin]. I maintain that "real" security is directly related to intelligent freedom of choice, and the agency to decide for yourself and then ACT upon that choice. In 21st century America, ask yourself, what are we (passively) allowing to exist in our midst? Or worse, to "hide" in plain view, in our daily news?

I ask you. WHY would you continue to support a banking system that has proven it will not only lack the very things it has promised you ("SECURITY"), but has a proven record of failing you, and will prove it (again) will fail you. Not only that, it will take more, then More, and then EVEN MORE money from you. Like a drug addict, who always promises to stop being a drug addict- "tomorrow".? And tomorrow never comes. Nor the "audacity of hope", which also is a long dead dream on a trail of tears.

Would the real zombies please raise their hands?

It seems to me (forgive my "quaint and colloquial" / anecdotal approach-) but... if we continue to allow overly complicated "derivatives" and "investments" that have attached "insurances" and "assurances"... to allow these financially derived pieces of crap to exist, are we not simply allowing the entire BUSINESS that spawned these paper-based financial subsets of garbage to weigh us down? To weigh down the entire country? Indeed, the entire financial industry? To skew it? To distort it? To pervert it from being a straight (and HONEST) method of direct and free exchange between ....WORKERS... and BUSINESS? Haven't these become tools with little or zero-value in an economy that demands efficiency?

What has happened to the "Dignified and Honorable Innovative American" in this picture?

I do feel the American "dream" has suffered and become nightmarish.

And the only thing we may have accomplished (as an "American" society), is to secure the lifestyles of the wealthiest, ...of executives, politicians and traders and other "in-people". Have we not? That answer, would appear to be-absolutely. Yes. It would appear that "common" households are no longer of value. No longer to be "protected". The "grass roots" American-family that I grew up with, has been abandoned- or, at least that would be the general appearance of things.

Companies take profits and "run"? With no re-investment in their people?

Seek to pay the absolute LEAST to their supporting staff?

I remember CLEARLY, my third grade teacher telling us (in the early 70's) "The standard of living in the United States is increasing so rapidly, that by the time YOU are my age, you will live as well as I do, by working only twenty hours a week". ... I swear to you this is both true, and not an exaggeration. Yet, the REALITY is the exact opposite. Average American's are working MORE HOURS, for LESS... than one would think.

Things have "changed" a bit, in the last few decades.

Ask yourself... "What has changed"? (J.F.K. would have a good answer.)

WHY would we "choose to go to the Moon"? Why set such a goal?

"THAT goal- will serve to organize and measure the BEST of us"

Enter: Crypto-currency and freedom of choice

ASK YOURSELF:  Why would any new currency be resisted ... if it has GOOD characteristics for the "little people"?   Bit-Coin is just barely getting started.  And the upside, the potential of this, is enormous.
ASK YOURSELF: Why would any new currency be resisted ... if it has GOOD characteristics for the "little people"? Bit-Coin is just barely getting started. And the upside, the potential of this, is enormous.

Satoshi supposedly the face of the Bitcoin inventer

Too Big to ... SUCCEED.

Growth... does not "begin", with something BIG or Monolithic, immutable or immovable.

Growth... often is small, delicate and more easily stomped out of existence (locally) by something much larger, established or stronger, older, tougher and with more resources. But "growth" likewise, is insistent, new, insidiously difficult to stop, irrepressible, full of energy, youth, flexibility, vitality, vibrancy...

And it IS the Future.

And usually when growth is peeking it's head out of cracks and from around corners, (seeking a way "in") -the writing is already on the wall, and either the older will incorporate that which is new...

Or, it simply runs the risk of being replaced by it entirely.

New and "small" does NOT equate to "Too Small to Succeed".

And just because people are throwing all their belongings into Conestoga-Wagons and getting-the-Hell-Out-of-Dodge... does NOT equate to them "giving up". It means, in fact, that their fight is just beginning, and they'd RATHER, "fight on a new frontier"... than serve an onerous and overbearing master.

It also means they "know" in their bones what the "right" thing is to do. So they just move on- and leave the smell of decay... well behind them.

Keep your rotting infrastructure. I'm outta here...

Charlie Lee, inventor of LiteCoin and CoinBase

The ENTIRE POINT of a "free market system"

... Is that assets WILL move from the incompetent. To the competent. And the market will bear the "opportunity" to see the "upstarts" or the "new guy on the block".

The market system, WILL NOT SHUT OUT new opportunity. NOT maintain "status quo". -For status quo's sake. Nor for the pure sake of "safety" or "security". This is the nature of competition or investment, within our market system.

And "intelligent" and observant people will cease to select a "poor choice". And will put their money where the obviously GOOD INVESTMENT is. (Not the proven BAD one.)

In the financial world "psychology" and the management of "behavior of investment"- is an art, and science. After all, "customer expectations" must be managed. This results in it's corollary relatives within mass-media. And then it branches into all types of communications, advertising, data-reporting and it's manipulation and subversion to causes other than "truthful reporting".

so... how ARE those (American) labor figures doing lately? Hm?

Assets and their management... are supposed to move from the incompetent to the competent. In any "open" business model. Not from the conniving, to the complicit. And while no system is perfect... the percentage of ludicrous and self-serving (corporate-financial-political) leadership, has grown absurd. We have bred an entire generation of useless parasites that return absolutely zero value for your dollar... or for your time or your sweat... and STILL have their hand-out, (and inside YOUR pocket) or worse, inside your business (both personal and financial). And while certain leaders vote continuously for an increase in their own living wage... YOURS has decreased ever more rapidly... And that is just fine....

You have less and less agency within this system- less money. less freedom. and less-return-for your investment. And as these thieves continue this carnivorous behavior, they THEN ask you for your vote, and when you confront them on poor performance, they then show you where you signed the document saying you AGREED to the conditions of this relationship. "Right there... see?"... And smilingly ask for your vote... again.

Bombing Countries - is a bad investment

Crypto-currency is going through a growth stage

Naysayers of a new currency like this, will point out all the flaws.

I personally even SMILE when they point out its "volatility". (Especially if it is being pointed out by a "financial expert" of the old economy.)

Trying to SCARE ME ... huh?

That is the ENTIRE POINT of the free market. I thought I was SUPPOSED TO TAKE A RISK, on a new venture, and a new investment. There is NO SUCH THING AS A "SAFE INVESTMENT". It all involves some level of risk. (when- What they REALLY mean is they do not want you to pull your money out of THEIR investments... in the old systems.)

You can NOT de-risk true Capitalism.

This current generation of (useless) traders have imaginations gripped by a LACK OF RISK, and they believe that THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD LOSE NO MONEY. Or, said another way. The performance of THEIR investments should have zero reflection on their own personal fortunes.

It is just fine if YOU... lose money however.... see? You signed right there...

In a truly open and free market that IS the reality. Yet, with some degree of observation and care you are not supposed to be walking into a virtual "lions den" of hungry carnivores who simply do not (truly) care whether they return on your investment or not.

Bitcoin is STILL a better investment than the American dollar at this stage of the game. With ALL risks involved. It has an upside that is BETTER than the American Dollar itself at the turn of the last century.


Good Lord, the arguments are all out on the web, the presentations, the "history" of all this. I may do more articles on this topic, but personally I am all for throwing my stuff into a wagon and just moving ON to the next economy. I do not have to sit around and watch the crumbling end of this one to know how it ends.

The wealthy have already converted their financial resources into REAL ASSETS... physical assets that will allow them to survive anything that comes. So in reality, they do not CARE... what the dollar does, ultimately. They don't. It's of little concern, since traditional "budget balancing" has been of no consequence within this country for decades. And "the Budget" has been suborned to another purpose, long long ago.

How about YOUR family?

What are YOUR investments? Do you believe the dollar will survive? I say nothing and and am not saying the dollar will (or won't) crash.

I WILL quote Charles Givens, from his book "Wealth Without Risk"... his book focused on the "financial cycles" based upon prime rates. And focused on investment in this new "asset" referred to as a "Mutual Fund". Do you remember those? Mutual funds? No? (too young?)

Well, back THEN, the Dow, had not (quite) hit 2000... or was "flirting" with "2000".

I quote Charles Givens in saying:

"I've been rich, and I've been poor. is far better being Rich".

Yes Charles, I am sure of it. I am quite sure it IS "better". I tend to agree.

What we need is "MORE BRAINS"

AMC - "The Walking Dead" (Season 5) will resume

And while some of this is entertaining. I'd hate to think that "zombies" are a permanent part of our financial or business world. Zombie banks, (zombie consumerism) all of it has just GOT to be "bad for ya".

Do any of you remember the movie "Return of the Living Dead"? It was a somewhat humorous / entertaining 80's movie... here, checkout the hair-do's...

But more importantly, I find the hunger-for-brains, sadly humorous... and appropriate.


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