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The Diablo Valley PC Users Group HubPage

Updated on May 4, 2012

DVPC November Meeting Review

The November 2008 Meeting of the Diablo Valley PC User's Group featured:

A Pandigital Digital Photo Frames Presentation from Alison Kane, the Director of Marketing for Pandigital in California.

Her brief presentation covered the latest generation of LCD digital photo frames, including lower pricing and higher resolution. A very fine look at the new generation of Pandigital frames was well received by the DVPC Users Group.

Here is a link to Pandigital's web site for more information:

Please mention the review here when you call to order, we want them to know her presentation was well received by the group!

And check out for information on our upcoming December 2008 User Group Meeting in Pleasant hill, CA at Diablo Valley Junior College!

The Diablo Valley PC User's Group

The purpose of this HubPage is to introduce the DVPC User's Group Club to you, and direct you to the club's website:

for further detailed information.

Basic Information

The Diablo Valley PC User's group meets monthly at Diablo Valley Junior College, in Pleasant Hill, California. on the first Thursday of each month in the Humanities Building - Room # H109.

The club was formed by curious and talented individuals, around the premise that computers and software do not always function as expected. The club was fortunate to have several Microsoft Professionals as members, which helped those who came along later, in solving difficult issues with hardware or software installations.

The club has reserved it's explorations to the PC, as this has become somewhat of an all consuming pursuit for many who try to 'push the envelope' on creative uses for their PC's. Also, since each member's PC is unique, at least with respect to the software applications installed on their personal computers, it becomes critical to have an experienced professional when things go wrong, and with PC's it seems things go wrong on a regular basis.

For myself, the collective knowledge available to answer our questions is remarkable. The answers are correct, and when you go home, suddenly your PC is a computer again, and not just an expensive paper-weight consuming electricity.

Do I have enough RAM installed? Why can't I see my hard drive on the desktop? What happened to all of my available disk space? Can you tell me why I can't PRINT?

These questions and many more are answered at the monthly meetings, by individuals who were there at the beginning of personal computing.

Please visit the DVPC website for further details and upcoming presentations.


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