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The Highest Gain Wifi Antenna, A Grid Parabolic 2.4 Ghz

Updated on December 9, 2015
An ultra long range WiFi antenna or grid parabolic.
An ultra long range WiFi antenna or grid parabolic.

Super Long Range Wifi Antennas: Grid Parabolic

What Is A Grid Parabolic Antenna?

This type of radio antenna is based on the same principle as that of a satellite dish, but it does not have a solid backing. Instead grid parabolic antennas for Wifi have, as the name suggests a grid made of aluminum wire which forms a semi-dish.

Similar dishes are used on spacecraft such as Voyager, to transmit  weak radio signals millions of miles back to earth. Using the same principle, that of a highly focused radio beam, grid parablolic antennas can achieve very long distance WiFi transmissions.

The design of the grid parabolic semi - dish saves space and weight, and it can pick up WiFi signals that are either vertically or horizontally polarized.

How Can You Use A Grid Parabolic Dish To Pick Up Free WiFi Signalsl?

Grid parabolic antennas can pick up distant wireless Internet signals from up to ten miles away or farther under the right conditions. If there are no objects blocking the signal, even greater WiFi ranges can be achieved. Recently a group of amateur radio hobbyists used two grid parabolic antennas to establish a wireless Internet connection of 112 statue miles across the Great Salt Lake Desert.

You can find grid parabolic antennas for sale on E-Bay and These antennas retail for around $100 and they offer gains up to 24 decibels which is truly amazing. You will need a wireless adapter or wifi card that has an external antenna jack. Usually these are RP-SMA and your antenna may have an N type plug. You'll need to get a cable from a site like but you can save on the antenna itself from the sites below.

These grid parabolic antennas are also very useful for tranmitting wireless internet across sprawling job sites, for RV'ers trying to pick up the park Wifi signal, and for experimenters who just want to see how far they can pick up a wireless connection. WiFi DX, or trying to see how far wireless internet signals can travel, is a growing hobby among electronic experimenters.

Keeping Legal

Most wireless adapters are rated by the FCC to use  a certain gain rated antenna. You may want to contact the manufacturer to make sure that using a super high gain WiFi antenna such as a grid parabolic dish, will still comply with FCC rules. If you are outside the US, these rules are enforced much less often or may not exist at all. In many parts of the third world, such as India, grid parabolic antennas are used to send wireless 802.11 G and N internet signals over long distances between towns for public access. Several grid parabolic WiFi antennas, or panel type WiFi antennas are often placed in a single location and aimed at different sections of town to allow for many people to connect at once.


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