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The pros and cons of 'Social Networking'

Updated on June 10, 2016

Today internet is replacing telephones and letters. It is definitely cheaper and the new generation finds it more comfortable and convenient. Today, billions of people are using Facebook and other social networking sites to be in touch with their dear and near ones. The less known fact is that the number of idle accounts are also boosting up the projected figures by these social networking giants. Before I take you through this hub, let me briefly explain how most of the social networking sites serve its users.

  • It helps you to make new friends and keep in touch with past and present ones.
  • It has chat facility and also a message feature wherein you can send messages even when the other person is offline.
  • There is an option to create groups (closed or open groups) to discuss or post about any specific talking point.
  • Most of the sites allow you to create 'Notes' or 'Blogs', if you wish to convey the ideas in a broader canvas as in a blog.

The ever growing social networking sites are luring netizens to create an account in every possible sites. Creating your own photo album and profile may be a rewarding experience, but remember there are some pitfalls too. It is advised that one should not post the personal pictures for public viewing. All the sites will have an option to limit the public access to your photo album. One can limit the view to only friends or only family or both. According to me, one should preferably take a pseudonym and should interact with real life friends alone. It is also advised that one should never give out personal information like credit card details, personal videos and other vital information. There is always a chance of these getting misused. Also, make sure you do not click on spam links announcing a lottery win or free gift. There are chances that your account may get hacked. Therefore, it is better to limit the friends circle to your real life friends alone.

Most of the social networking sites also allows its users to report spam if they come across any inappropriate content. One can also hide stories from appearing in his/her page. The block option is available in all such sites to block a person from contacting you. One may also customize the add request option in such a way that only a mutual friend or a person who knows your personal email id can send you a friend request. To conclude, it is advised to take a site tour and explore the features once you create an account in any social networking site. This helps you in understanding the proper use of each feature. Also, make sure that you read the terms and conditions of use to avoid any hindrances that may occur due to policy violation. Thanks


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