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The Impact of 3D-Printing Guns

Updated on December 30, 2017

a Focus on 3D Printing Guns

The 3D printing gun technology finally came to realization in 2013. This is when its developer Liberator, release information on the internet related to the information. The logic is that anyone who possesses a 3D printer is capable of making a drastic firearm. The goal of 3D-printing guns is to facilitate access and production of knowledge and information relating to manufacturing of arms. Stated differently, it is to give people access to information on how they can produce guns on their own for self-defense (Kleinman, 2013). This concept is based on the US constitution which provides liberty for all individuals to access or possess arms for their own use.

Professor Kane of Harvard University portrays 3D printed guns as terrifying and or looming. The professor is citing fear that since 3D-printing guns are easily created, their production can be done so easily and with far much less cost. This will make its access to many including criminals so easy and thus jeopardize the security of law-abiding citizens. In his view, one can make virtually anything using these machines. This also means that the same way a person can use things bought in a hardware store to undertake illegal ventures, or use a phone or compute in committing crimes, there is a high likelihood of a 3D printer being used in committing an illegal act including hurting others. The professor notes that the increased rate of crime and shootings reported in the US has been attributed to lack of gun control. I agree with the professor on this perspective considering the frequency of homicide cases in the US.

However, those against gun control measures have held this concept has a testimony that excessive regulation may not address the phenomena or gun violence in the United States. Their observations are that since this is a new era and that the easy creation of guns has been fuelled by technology, it makes no sense to control access to guns. Furthermore, one need not just look only at the downside aspect of this technology as there are also many positives associated with it. For instance, 3D printing technology has revolutionized the world of medicine. Drugs such as steroids, methamphetamine among others can be easily and cheaply created by a 3D printer. These drugs and other medicinal developments associated with this technology have saved the lives of many who are now able to access them in a less costly manner. Although the professor has highlighted the very important insights regarding the negative impact of technology, I disagree with him for ignoring the benefits associated with it.


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