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The Importance of StumbleUpon

Updated on September 14, 2012

StumbleUpon New Logo

As you find interesting new stuff on the internet every time you browse it, it is important for users to benefit of a reliable solution to manage those interests. StumbleUpon is a service that allows users to find all the related topics on the internet, and to manage those resources in an effective manner.

Some people say that StumbleUpon is just another search engine. It is true that this site allows you to find all the resources connected with a certain topic, but unlike Google, Bing or Yahoo Search, this engine is based on topics and interests. For example, if you are passionate about poetry, with Google, searching for “poetry” will only display millions of random pages, some of them having no common points with poetry. With StumbleUpon, you can find the most interesting poetry sites, and also other useful resources such as communities and forums.

Stumble tries to keep a strict record of the user’s preferences, therefore you are encouraged to use the like or dislike button. This precious feedback allows Stumble to determine the most popular topics, and the most liked sites on certain topics.

StumbleUpon is a community created by people for people, where the webmasters rarely intervene. There is no need for those webmasters to make their presence felt, as long as the community grows easily this way. Every visit is an adventure on StumbleUpon, and visitors are amazed about the number of useful resources that can be found with the help of Stumble, resources that can’t be found anywhere else.

StumbleUpon comes in a toolbar engine that will allow you to manage resources interactively. Whenever you find something new, you can bookmark it with the help of the Stumble toolbar, and the respective bookmark will appear in your Stumble resources, but it will also represent great feedback for other StumbleUpon users that are interested about the respective topic.


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