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The Internet of Things will Give Final Blow to the Privacy

Updated on February 18, 2015

The internet of things is considered the new road map for the development of technology but there are many privacy concerns that are very horrifying to hear. Analyst says that the internet of things will give final blow to the little privacy we have left in this age of technology.

This will be the hack of our lives. So be ready for the espionage because things are going to be changed very quickly. The new internet products are going to perform the role of spies in your homes and offices. Whether you have a smart watch or smart phone, whether you have a fitness tracker or smart refrigerator they all are going to provide the information to their manufactures and in rare cases to the government.

This thing is going to affect your life in a very bizarre way. You must think that how the information provides by your devices will affect your credit rating and employer rating. This data gathering methods are going to change everything.


Intensive Marketing:

The data that will be gathered by the smart devices from your home will be used as a marketing tool against you. The government has not passed any law that limits the companies to use the data for as little purpose as possible. Your data will be shared among different companies and this will lead to intensive marketing.


No Law on Surveillance:

They problem is not that whether the data is gathered or not the problem is that who is going to store that data and who has the permission to use that data. Whether that data is stored securely or not. These are the questions whose answers are not present at the given time and no one knows that what answers are going to be.


Impact on the Market:

The internet of different things and devices are going to revolutionize the ways in which different companies act and behave. I will discuss the simple example that is going to clear everything in your mind about the data gathering and its effects.

For example that a certain car insurance company is going to get data about its drivers that how fast they drive and how often they use the brakes and then they will make the profiles of their customers. They good drivers will pay less to the insurance company and bad drivers will pay more to the insurance company.


Customers do not have Choice:

This data gathering model is opt in based but this is just a big joke. You tell me that who does not want cheaper insurance? Who do not want low interest loans?

These things are very attractive to everyone and in order to get them you have to submit your privacy to the firms who will provide these services to you. In future everyone will be going to share its personal data to these companies to get cheaper services and products. This will greatly change the way you live now.


Corporate Surveillance:

The companies are using new and improved methods to get the data from its customers and then they use that data to find about the shopping habits about its customers. These companies earn a huge reward from these kinds of tactics as this gives them the upper hand in the marketing.

They are not telling their customers that they are compiling the data on them. Experts say that this will greatly affect the methods of marketing that are currently being used by the companies.


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