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The LG Optimus L70 Review

Updated on September 8, 2014

Every now and again I like to give products a try—especially tech products at low prices. Last week I ventured into smartphone territory and got myself an LG Optimus L70 at a reasonably low price.

Here is my short and sweet review of the LG Optimus L70.

The Pros:

One of the main pros of the LG Optimus L70 is that it has the latest version of android which is 4.4 Kit Kat. So a lot of the features that you couldn’t see in your old 4.2 android phone are probably included in the Optimus 4.4 Kit Kat.

The Cons:

What really turns me off about the LG Optimus L70 is that it has a seriously low amount of space. About 1GB of space comes with the device to download all of the awesome apps available in the Google Playstore, so if you’re one who loves apps the LG Optimus L70 is definitely not for you.

You have the option to add an external SD card to save some of your app’s data as well as all of your music, videos, and pictures which at first may seem like a plus, but in all reality it is not.

Even though you have the option to move apps to your external sd, please note that only a few (2 or 3 out of most of your apps) can actually be moved (things like Google plus, keep, tumblr, or any of those apps cannot be moved to your external sd card). Most apps will blow through all of your internal storage, and you may regret ever buying the LG Optimus L70 (unless you know how to manually manage your apps, and its amount of space).

The Pros:

The LG Optimus L70 has a pretty decent camera. The camera is about 5 megapixels, and captures video and pictures in a pretty good quality. The front camera is also good for taking awesome selfies.

Note that when I say that it provides pretty good video, and picture quality I do not mean the quality of DSLR cameras like the Cannon 70D or a Nikon (those are professional cameras, do not compare the LG Optimus L70 to your amazing quality producing cameras either).

The Cons:

The camera is not made for low light. If your one who likes to take pictures in the dark or at night best to put the LG Optimus L70 down.

The Optimus L70 produces a lot of noise or grain on the screen when you shoot at night or in darkness. Again, if you like taking pics at night, this is without a doubt not for you.

The Pros:

The LG Optimus L70 allows you to get creative with your screen lock. I don’t personally use this in my settings, but I have played with it a bit and found it to be quite interesting.

With the LG Optimus L70 you can create a knock code (a series of taps on your screen to access your device), and anyone who does not know the pattern of your knock code (i.e. knock left twice, knock right once, and knock down four times).

Final Results

3 stars for LG Optimus L70

All in all I give the LG Optimus L70 a score of 3 out of 5.

This article was written using the LG Optimus L70!


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