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Product Review: The LG Env2 Phone

Updated on August 23, 2016

I was satisfied with my RAZR v3m phone, but with Verizon Wireless I am able to upgrade to a new device every two years and finally decided to do so. As I poured over the website for days and I was overwhelmed with all the choices of new mobile devices. I had a hundred dollars towards my New Every Two wireless device upgrade because I have paid for three lines that are over $79, which I will not be doing anymore after the other two lines come up for the expiration date. The reason I was doing this was because my mom and sister refused to realized how crucial cell phones can be until the fires of 2003, so at that time I finally convinced them that each of us needed a phone to stay in contact. However, I am not interested in paying this large of a monthly plan anymore, but it has been a good calling plan and I have been happy with it up until now. With my calling plan I am entitled to a hundred dollar credit and I wanted to pick a phone that would not exceed this price range.

For my cell usage I wanted a simple phone that would allow me to send text messages without pecking at the numbered keypad like a chicken. Often my friends complain that I do not reply to their text messages because I find it too tedious to send a response, so the keyboard on the LG Env2 should help to rectify this situation. Honestly I still prefer email because it is free, but I finally decided to find a phone that has a mini keyboard that would allow me to type. For a week I looked at every phone in my price range and just could not decide. I was tempted by the deal on the Chocolate by LG, but I realized I better hold off because I was equating this mobile device with a desert. Also, my co-worker had the Chocolate by LG and it malfunctioned several times, so I decided I wanted to choose a phone that would be less problematic. Finally I stumbled upon the LG Env2 and now I am in love with this phone that has the great functionality for a low tech person such as myself.

I love the big buttons on the LG Env2!
I love the big buttons on the LG Env2!

The LG enV2 Has Wonderful Large Buttons!

The minute I opened this phone I was so happy and I felt like it was Christmas day! First off I elated that the mobile phone was shipped overnight and I had completely forgotten about it until I heard a knock at my door about one in the afternoon. The Fed-Ex man said he had a package for me to sign for and I was so delighted to see the phone was already here! The best thing about this phone is that it has large buttons that make it easy to dial phone numbers. I have enjoyed my RAZR phone, but it always felt slightly awkward and the metal was never very inviting to the touch. The soft plastic on the LG Env2 is soft and felt great in the palm of my hand.

I tore open the package to my LG enV2 as if it were Christmas day.
I tore open the package to my LG enV2 as if it were Christmas day.
The LG Env2 opens up to a fully functioning keyboard with a generous sized screen.  The LG Env2 makes it easy to send text messages and surf the Internet on your phone.
The LG Env2 opens up to a fully functioning keyboard with a generous sized screen. The LG Env2 makes it easy to send text messages and surf the Internet on your phone.

Flip Open The LG enV2 To Find A Fully Functional Keyboard For Texting

I will admit that I am notorious for not responding to text messages and I prefer when someone calls or emails me. However, when I saw the LG Env2 I thought it would make a nice change because it has a keyboard for typing text messages. However, I only respond to the few I receive and have a small text messaging plan, so keep in mind those text messages you send can add up! Another thing I loved about this phone was the screen for viewing all the functions and for surfing the Internet on mobile web when away from home. Once again VCast Tones, Mobile Web, and texting are services that cost extra money, so I personally only prefer to sign up for these services when needed. Another thing I love about this phone is I will be able to check the Internet more effectively if I ever decide to take that vacation to Hawaii that I keep dreaming about. Also, I tried out VCast and downloaded a couple of Moody Blues songs for my phone, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the two speakers on the side deliver pleasing sound quality. If you are interested in a phone with large numbered keypad on the front, which flips open to a fully functionally keyboard, then the LG Env2 may be a phone worth researching. Take your time when deciding to purchase a cell phone and buy the one that will best meets your needs. Personally the LG Env2 is a phone that will serve me well until my next upgrade in two years.

I love my new LG Env2 cell phone!

Phonescoop LG Env2 Review


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    • SweetiePie profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I had a Sony Ericsson awhile back that was really nice. I really am enjoying this new LG though :). Thanks for commenting.

    • weblog profile image


      10 years ago from 1India

      I love Sony Ericsson, but still it's interesting to know about other good models. This LG product looks nice. Thanks for sharing :)

    • SweetiePie profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Thanks for the comments Ashwinspga.

    • ASHWINSPGA profile image


      10 years ago from Lion City ( Singapore)

      i have always been a nokia user cause its the easiest to use for phone dummies like me. never dared to venture out and try new models. but got to say your phone look really slick and classy. nicely written hub and good luck with your new phone dear


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