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The Laser Pistol from Touched by Hell

Updated on May 11, 2012

Weapons document from the Hellfire series

Laser Pistol from Touched By Hell

The Laser pistol that featured in Touched by Hell is a non military lightweight hand gun. These guns were created to be sold too many commercial organisations that travelled in space. Most haulage and transport companies quickly learnt that they were easy targets during the various wars and border disputes that went on in space. This was due to the military forces being tied up with front line battles and the protection of world under their control.

Haulage companies became victim to many hostile forcers such as Pirates, Raiders and mercenaries. Commercial companies quickly armed their ships with pulse turrets and shield systems. Then their crews were provided with small firearms for protection if the ship was boarded. The Payload was supplied with six of these pistol that were stored in the ship’s shuttle in an under floor storage area.

This was lucky for the crew when they had to abandon ship before the Payload was destroyed. The escaping shuttle Pay-check still held these pistols and they soon came in handy when investigating an old drifting military ship.

The Laser pistol it’s self is a deadly weapon despite its size, weight and energy storage capacity. The pistol is a short ranged weapon that works most effectively from close range to a distance of thirty five meters. After this distance it shots will still burn but not be as deadly.

The gun fires a short bust of hot light radiation or laser pulse. The light pulse is capable of quickly burning through most organic materials including fabrics, wood, flesh and bone. The pulse can also cut through most plastics and glass. But has little effect on metal, crystals and reflective surfaces.

To the untrained user a mirrored room can be deadly to both the user and the enemy. On the other hand to a trained user a mirror can become a powerful ally in a shootout often leading to the death of the enemy.

The pistol holds a small power pack that is capable of holding up to forty shots before it needs recharging. The gun can be recharge by a twin connector port at the back of the gun’s main body, or by replacing the power pack by opening the top panel of the gun.

The pistol is a semi automatic gun that can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. This can be useful if holding off many targets. But it is recommended to carry a spear energy unit if used in this manner. As there are reported cases of crew running out of power and then losing their ship and more importantly there lives.

These pistols do have one function that is not recommended for safety reasons. The top of the pistol can be opened to reveal the power pack access port and power convertor feedback unit. It has been reported that if you turn the power feedback unit around so that it feeds the power back into the power unit instead of the laser emitter chamber and hold the trigger in. This will cause the gun to overload; in effect turning the gun into a bomb. This was a very useful piece of information for the Captain to know during the Touched by Hell logged report.

All in all, the Laser pistol is a great gun and if used correctly will get you out of a shoot out with many hostile foes.

To find out how effective this gun is you can read Touched by Hell which is available from



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